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  • Vessel near surf at OB. 35 ft cabin cruiser. R-3 and R-5 respond. R-3 guides to safety in the channel.
  • Overdue swimmer at LJ cove. R-west and Jet 5, 3 Sam respond. Jet 5 locates swimmer at ¼ mi buoy.
  • 22y/o F altered LOC possible allergic reaction. LG, Emer, Med respond. Medic 20 to Sharps.
  • Overdose possible @ 5000 Santa Cruz. 1 overdose female at OB tower. LG, Emer, Med respond. Medics AMA patient.
  • Medical aid allergic reaction 3700 Corona Oriente @ Crown Pt. Bay west, LG, Emer, Med respond. All clear LG’s and Fire Cancel.
  • Disabled vessel in channel near the buoy line. RW tows the vessel to reception dock.
  • Missing J’s 2 12 y/o females missing on SUP’s for 2 hrs. R3 and guardian respond. 1 is found by guardian and 1 made it back to the beach with the parents.
  • Overturned vessel in Sail Bay. Guardian II, R3, GI responded. Sabot overturned w/ no injuries, good sam assist POB and LG’s stay on scene until vessel is righted by owners.
  • Medical aid heat [email protected] Black’s Beach citizen’s trail. 55 y/o female on the trail. SDFD and LG’s walk out the patient and Medics transport to Scripps LJ.
  • 2 PWC’s collide w/ no injuries minor damage. Guardian conducts the investigation and fills out pertainent paperwork.
  • La Jolla Shores tower- 6y/o male, LG, Med, Engine 9 respond. Medics AMA patient.
  • Wave House - 1 patient unknown age etoh, altered loc. LG, Emer, Med respond. Medics transport patient to Scripps LJ.
  • Santa Cruz - 41y/o female broken ankle. LG, Emer, Med respond. Medics transport patient to Sharp Memorial.
  • 25 y/o male stingray to R foot at Black’s. LG responds and treats at site.
  • 14 y/o female injury vessel accident. LG, Emer, Med, SDPD, M85, respond. Medics to Kaiser and SDPD conducted accident investigation.
  • 41 y/o F vessel accident; injured by sailboat shroud. LG, Resc, Emer Med respond. PT to UCSD Hillcrest.
  • 43 y/o female Altered loc at Windansea. Med, LG respond. PT to Sharp’s.
  • 48 y/o male c-spine at Santa Cruz; person fell from cliff 15 ft and into 2 ft of water. LG, Emer, Med, SDPD respond. PT to UCSD w/ major trauma.
  • 5 y/o male genital injury @ t-5. LG, Emer, Med respond. Medics handle. PT was transported to unknown.
  • Burning pallets in fire ring @ t32. LG responded and found nothing.


  • Sinking vessel. Dana Landing Dock. 22’ ctr console. Vessel salvaged with plug and pump out.
  • Cardiac Arrest. 92 yo M @ Santa Barbara PL. LG, Med, Emer respond. PT. DNR. Lifeguards clear.
  • Diabetic Emergency. 42yo M. off channel entrance. Resc, LG, Med respond. Patient on outrigger. AMA
  • Sting Ray patient. Tourmeline. 12 yo F. LG transports to PB for treatment.
  • Person struggling in a rip current. 1st parking lot, sunset cliffs. Jet, Resc, LG, Med respond. 2 citizens rescue two victims. One patient taken to UCSD.
  • Demasted rental boat. 14 ft sloop. North cove area. LGs respond. Minor injury. MBSC contacted for chase boat.
  • Boat on the rocks @ OB Wier. 26 ft bayliner. 3 POB. Resc responds. Courtesy tow by SDLG.
  • Sting ray injury. 36 yo F. Lifeguards treat.
  • 44 yo male. Dizziness and syncope. 1100 coast blvd. LG, Emer, Med respond. PT to Scripps LJ.
  • Sinking PW Near Ventura Bridge. PWC placed on water dock.
  • PWC inside surf. T13 area. Resc, Jet respond. Occupants rolled over by chop. R2 takes one aboard and escorts back to basin.
  • Accident 850 Coast. Vehicle vs vehicle. SDPD handles.
  • Paraglider down Near JW canyon. LG, Resc, Ranger, Med respond. 50 y/o male. non injury.
  • Sting ray victim. 49 yo F. Tourmaline. LG treat
  • Harassment on seals. 850 Coast. Cove responds. Unable to locate.
  • Skeg to face. 15 y/o F. Scripps beach. LG, Med respond. PT to Scripps LJ.
  • Overturned Hobie in Sail Bay. People in the water. Chase boat from catamaran handles after lifeguards tow to shore.
  • Overturned kayak at Lake Hodges. 8250 Del Dios highway. Unk details. RP just driving by. Multiple units, copter 2 respond. Call cleared, unfounded.
  • 10 people tying a female to a pole on Fiesta Island. Med, SDPD, SDFD respond. SDPD handles.
  • Hot pursuit. SDPD chasing two suspects in car. Suspects run on to Least Tern reserve on Mariners Pt. LG enf and multiple PD units respond. Standback. One suspect detained. One on the loose.
  • Cliff, 22 y/o male at Pappy’s Pt. Fall. LG, Emer, Med, SDPD respond. Non cliff, Fire handles.
  • Sting Ray victim. Sea Ridge and Tourmaline. Female. UNK age. Lifeguards treat.
  • 25 y/o F. Involved in a traffic accident. 3150 Mission Blvd. Fire handles.
  • Cliff, 50 y/o M. Ankle injury. Indian Canyon Trail. LG, Emer, Med, SDPD. Respond. PT to Balboa.
  • Disabled vessel in Fiesta Bay. 8 POB. Near the rocks. Emergency tow to Campland by Resc 5.


  • Harbor Police units arrested a 27 year old female for being drunk in public on the Embarcadero Park South fishing pier..
  • Possible sinking vessel @ Driscol’s D dock. LG, Resc on scene. Vessel towed to Driscols to be lifted.
  • Possible suicide jumper @ Blacks reported by SDPD; Cancelled by SDPD.
  • 6 month old female with a bee sting @ the Cove; LG, Emer, Med on scene. PT AMA.
  • Male with threatening behavior @ PB. LG, SDPD on scene. SDPD with a 1016.
  • Sting ray @ Blacks. LG on scene. PT to self treat.
  • Speeding Pontoon boat @ Santa Barbara Cove. LG enf makes contact.
  • 35yr male with c-spine injury, head vs bottom @ Windansea. Pt is a lifeguard. LG, Emer, Med respond. Med transports to Scripps LJ.


  • Lifeguards respond to vessel that spent night illegally in San Juan Cove. Lifeguard issued warnings.
  • Lifeguards respond to stingray victim at tourmaline. Lifeguards treat 41 yr old male and release.
  • Lifeguards respond to 65 yr old male with burns to legs on vessel in Mariners. Lifeguards treat and allow vessel to stay additional night in Mariners.
  • Lifeguards respond to two PWC’s in the surfline at Ladera. Lifeguards assist with towing vessel.
  • Lifeguards respond to 4 yr old CPR at Lesure Lagoon due to near drowning. Fire, Medics and SDPD also respond. Medics transport child to Children’s
  • Lifeguards on scene with C-spine injury at La Jolla Shores Tower. Fire and Medics respond as well. Medics transport patient to Kaiser.
  • Lifeguards on scene with CPR at La Jolla Cove. Fire and Medics also respond. Medics transport to Scripps La Jolla.
  • Lifeguards on scene with 20 yr old male with possible broken leg at San Juan. Fire and Medics also respond. Medics transport patient to Scripps La Jolla.
  • Lifeguards on scene with a 35 yr old male stingray victim at North Pacific Beach. Lifeguards transport to Pacific Beach for treatment.

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