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At 18 months old, he was one of the youngest people with type 1 diabetes in San Diego County

There’s no cure and no way to prevent it

"My son didn't develop this because we gave him Twinkies and Coke."

Without freedom the soul dies

Freedom is a need of the soul, and nothing else. It is in striving toward God that the soul strives continually after a condition of freedom. God alone is the inciter and guarantor of freedom. ...

Sports under duress

Playing a sport under duress changes the experience. The amount of change depends on the type and intensity of duress. Starting from the low end of the scale: the Duress of Indecision. A friend calls ...

Common denominator

Halloween 2013 was a good day for Oscar Carrion and Andre Flores. That’s the day the duo, who make up the band Citrus, finally scared up a vocalist after ten years of playing together. “We’ve ...

But the spirit of 76 lives on

Gas station off Tamarack demolished

An unsightly, out-of-business 76 gas station on Carlsbad’s Tamarack Drive/I-5 exit was demolished last week. The final demolition, removal of the 40-foot-high sign with the orange 76-ball logo, was taken down on January 11. The ...


The core of post-hardcore screamo/metal band Weight of the Sun was powered and created by Craigslist. The group, formerly known as Chanauk, not only found their lead singer, David Martin, by posting an ad on ...

Ms. Cole’s defense

A legal-defense fund benefiting Democratic city councilwoman Myrtle Cole was in the hole $42,159 at the end of September, according to a disclosure statement filed by the committee on December 19. The account was set ...

One for the hate file

Closing the snowboard-style loophole.

Dear Hipster: I think I found a loophole in your hipsters don’t ski hypothesis. I went to Mammoth for a ski trip, and I totally saw a hipster there...snowboarding! Hipsters may not ski, but they ...


Order coffee in a San Diego café or restaurant, odds are you will be drinking local coffee. In a survey of 60 local businesses, I found about two-thirds of them buy beans from local roasters, ...

Kevin Hart and Josh Gad are a pair of ringers

The lobby of the Hard Rock Hotel was packed with press eager and curious to spend 15 minutes in the service of Kevin Hart, Josh Gad, and their new R-rated comedy The Wedding Ringer. The ...

Gold Rush–era gluttony in Little Italy

Plain Nirvana

“This used to be a brothel upstairs and liquor place down here.”

Tower of Power has new music coming

Forty-six years. “Actually, 46 and a half,” Doc Kupka says by phone from New York. He’s the baritone sax player and cofounder of soul band Tower of Power, which started in Oakland, California. I wonder ...

Soon, frogs will be serenading in Cottonwood Creek

Accessible, subtle beauty

Cottonwood Creek Falls offers a restful setting in a deep East County canyon.

Koudelka was into enormity

History happens

An enormous crowd pushes against an advancing tank, as if to deny its force.

Resurrection buzz

Could 2015 be the year that Street Scene (or something like it) comes back to life? The resurrection buzz comes with the arrival of the Kaaboo Festival September 18–20 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The ...

Caught between a hug and a hard place

You could move, or get a shirt, or maybe just be a jerk.

Some people don’t need a hug.

Interview with American Sniper actor (and San Diegan!) Ben Reed

Matthew Lickona: In the film, you play Wayne Kyle, father to the deadliest sniper in American history. Ben Reed: It was a great opportunity for me because it kind of sets the tone for who ...


Now, when he and I meet, after all these years, I say to the bitch inside me, don’t start growling. He isn’t a trespasser anymore, Just an old acquaintance tipping his hat. My voice says, ...

Don’t let your kid grow up fat

When baby fat isn’t baby fat

“We made butternut squash mac ’n’ cheese, with squash substituting for cream. The kids were blown away.”

Hirshman’s hustle

San Diego State University has lately seen its share of sexual violence on campus, but the school’s ambitious fundraising efforts, closely supervised by president Elliot Hirshman, appear to remain unaffected. Hirshman’s $400,000-plus yearly pay has ...

Own Halloween (and some Danzig fans)

Magic robot duplication devices should be used for the noblest causes

Dear Hipster: I’m reading a book about a race of robots that live on another planet, and they have technology that can print an impermanent copy of anything that exists. The copies fade away, but ...

New sewer lines or new stadium fro San Diego? Your choice.

Will Chargers eat up our sidewalks? Local infrastructure remains wholly inadequate.

All recognize the infrastructure is ailing. Still, a subsidized stadium for a billionaire family may well prevail.

Did he say free beer?

Like cable and cell-phone providers, promoters increasingly turn to “bundling” to attract a wide selection of customers. Events like the Exchange series offer a variety-show format that mixes music, spoken word, comedy, foodie fare, and ...

From you to us

Letter from the City Attorney’s Office Readers of your December 25 cover story “Taxi Driver” were shortchanged of information about the case, and so may not understand why the City Attorney’s Office decided to dismiss ...

Whale-watching weekend

Each winter, 20,000 Pacific gray whales pass by the California coast after spending the summer feeding in the food-rich waters of the Arctic. The grays swim south along the coast to the lagoons of Baja ...

The black woman’s fall from grace

The cornerstone of our humanity is the black woman.

The come-up man and the mariachi punk band

Plus Ice Cube, Calabrese, Guster, and follow the bouncing Madball

Sunday 18From Philadelphia, the alt-hop and “blues slop” band G Love & Special Sauce will pour it all over House of Blues after their Brushfire labelmate, the Huntington Beach–based singer/songwriter Matt Costa. G Love’s got ...

Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, still

Couple of old-school punk shows and locals-only big gigs

Thursday 15You will croak, you little clown, when you mess with President Brown! Funny how things come around. Where were you the first time you heard “California Über Alles”? Let’s share. I was sitting in ...

Trade squid for seabass

The Premier 1/2 Day AM run with 27 Anglers aboard reported 2 Lingcod, 18 Ocean Whitefish, 60 Sanddab, 1 California Scorpionfish and175 Rockfish 27 Anglers aboard the New Seaforth 1/2 Day AM run caught 31 ...