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RIP 2015 in San Diego: Bill Kolender, Jack Murphy, Karl Strauss, Pete Wilson, Shamu

Talking to the ghosts of San Diego about the year that was

Pete Wilson's statue on politics? Shamu on SeaWorld! Bill Kolender on law enforcement! Karl Strauss on craft beer! And Jack Murphy on the stadium!

Three Poems by Alfred Nicol

Recipient of 2004 Richard Wilbur Award for his first collection of poetry

A Bother Here’s Rocco now, sprawling across the keys; whatever I may try to write, he’s there in black and white, purring, rolling on his back to bite my fingers if he disagrees, minding my ...

Deaths in the San Diego music family in 2015


As 2015 comes to a close, we look back at the local musicians who have passed away over the past 12 months. January 12, Garrett Smythe, aka drummer Tank Johnson of Deadbolt. February 5, Professor ...

Post holiday politico gifts

New members on board of San Diego Association of Governments

Each new year heralds the distribution of extracurricular appointments to members of the San Diego City Council, for which they have the opportunity to accrue extra money from the taxpayers, in addition to their salaries. ...

Disgustingly good

A triumph of degustation at Vigilucci's

“Let’s stop right here, take it all home. Then fry it all up for breakfast tomorrow. Yes?”

A slosh through Tijuana’s afterparty epicenter

The most Tijuana thing you can do is drink and debate what the most Tijuana thing you can do is

“Remember one thing: la city is not a utopia or a dystopia, it’s the afterparty where you hear the last call.” The words of the late Rafa Saavedra, a culture writer and champion of Tijuana ...

San Diego’s coffee scene on par with Portland’s?

The next big thing

San Diego’s coffee community has come on strong the past three years, and it did not stop growing one bit in 2015. The number of roasters producing beans countywide grew to at least 26, while ...

City decks NFL proposal with lots of folly

Football league would bring in $187M for personal seat licenses?

The San Diego Chargers today (December 30) submitted its stadium subsidy plan to the National Football League. It is almost the same as the earlier plan put forward for a Mission Valley stadium. The stadium's ...

Book 'em, Brandes

Local rock-roller writes the book on San Diego punk history

“These are people who didn’t get into music for fame, money, or to sleep with beautiful women,” Brandes says. “These bands weren’t interested in cutting corners or changing their sound in order to get a record deal.”

Tecolote Canyon’s history writ in stone and sediment

A pleasant walk along the southern section

Tecolote Canyon, featured on area maps for almost 200 years, is designated a natural park 6 miles in length, .25 to .5-mile wide, with a 2-mile tributary totaling just over 900 acres. Elevations range from ...

Immigrants on ICE

Deficiencies discovered in strip search audit

Strip searches have been declining at the San Diego County–owned U.S. Immigration Service’s 1040-bed contract detention facility on Otay Mesa, run by Corrections Corporation of America. According to a federal audit covering fiscal year 2015, ...

Fancy flights over San Diego

A dramatic shift in perspective

"New Year, new perspective,” I told Patrick. “You’ve never seen your city from above, except through some scratched-up plastic window in coach. What about a hot-air balloon? No windows, scratched or otherwise. Just a balloon, ...

The man who inspired the health and fitness movement in the United States

There would be no polar bear plunge without him

Founded in 1903 by health enthusiast Bernarr Macfadden, the Coney Island Polar Bear Club is the oldest organization in the country. Macfadden is credited with inspiring the health and fitness movement in the United States. ...

How to spend your last moments of 2015...

...and the first few days of 2016

Thursday | 31 Turquoise Speakeasy Chicago meets Prohibition and ragtime meets swing in Pacific Beach at the Turquoise Café-Bar Europa. New Year's Eve ticket includes all drinks, an extensive tapas selection, live Vaudeville burlesque show, ...

Nerdy New Year!

NerdCon collective throws a 24-hour New Year's Eve party in Escondido

One of the breakout entertainment success stories of 2015 was a one-day geek-rock festival called NerdCon. Think low-budget Comic-Con with live bands. The first-ever NerdCon, held in August at Escondido’s Center for Performing Arts, drew ...

Public mastication

Stop moralizing everyone's food choices

At some point, we became accustomed to framing our discussion around food choices in moral terms. It’s stupid, and we need to stop.

Was Captain Beefheart a hipster?

He could probably cozy up to the bar at BLAH, order an IPA, and not seem at all out of place.

An all-points bulletin to the Hipster Congressional Fact Finding Committee.

Gimme babies or gimme death

When Garfield Kwan was an undergraduate student in marine biology at UC San Diego, he began to notice a trend: the internet was full of funny stuff, but science was not included. Furthermore, materials available ...

My sister is gay

She wasn't born that way though.

I remember how she came out. I was hung over as hell. It was the last time I visited Michigan, July 2013. I’d gone out with some friends the night before. We’d consumed every drink ...

The odious 8.25

Tarantino goes West(ern)

Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight is being billed as the director’s eighth film. It appears as though QT, like most devoted cinephiles, has forgotten about his segment in Four Rooms. The addition brings the tally ...

San Diego theater year in review

Practically every theater in the county produced a world premiere in 2015

Back in September I remarked that “2015 may be one of the gutsiest years ever in San Diego theater. I can’t remember so many world premieres.” The final three months kept pace. Call it the ...

What did you get?

San Diego musicians remember weird gifts past

’Tis the season for giving and receiving. No matter what your holiday is — Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Festivus — gifts are bound to be exchanged, though levels of merriment may vary. Often gifts will be ...

Did the City of San Diego kill Epic Pest Control?

Contract killers

Eleanor and Claude Thedford, owners of Epic Pest Control and Landscape Services, believe employees in San Diego’s Purchasing and Contracting Department are trying to shut down their business. The reason for the vendetta, says Eleanor ...

Los Lobos survives

...with a Mexican-American take on jazzy-bluesy-funky rock-and-roll

Alas, once again Los Lobos got snubbed by the nominating committee that oversees who does and who does not enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Fans have expressed indignation via social media, but ...

Bad decisions and good ideas

Final letters of the year

Nailed It Neal Obermeyer, Mary, Joseph, and the NFL. Reader, you finally got it right. Merry Christmas. Name withheld via voicemail Things Were Different in ’66 Concerning Roam-O-Rama, December 24, that picture there of the ...

Trash man cometh not

Conflict of interest concerning Chula Vista councilman Steve Miesen still unresolved

The yearlong legal battle over the status of Chula Vista city councilman Steve Miesen, who also happens to be a top executive with the city’s trash-pickup provider, Republic Services, shows no signs of abating soon. ...

Here comes 2016, dog

San Diego clubs kicking it off with the Sess, Ziggy Shuffledust, Big Sandy, and the Generators

Thursday 31San Diego garage-punks the Sess will reunite for a night at Soda Bar New Year’s Eve. The catchy quintet was a San Diego Music Awards nominee around the time their band-breaking Agendumb record dropped, ...

Whiskey Shivers, Frankie Boots, Haunter, the Touchies

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 3Bringing back the mullet! It’ll be business up front and party in the back when Austin bluegrass band Whiskey Shivers and them Americana road dogs in Goodnight, Texas get together to co-headline sets up ...