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  • Great hammerhead shark
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This past weekend, 296,700 people visited San Diego City beaches. Lifeguards performed 17,605 preventative acts, 176 medical assists and 329 rescues. Heat and strong rip currents were contributing factors to the high numbers.


  • Person calling for help on bay side at SMB. L at scene, water checks clear. 5150 in the park yelling. LG’s clear.
  • Seizure at foot of Newport LG, Fire, Med respond. PT transported to UCSD.
  • Shark sighting confirmed. RW on scene. Recording updated with advisory.
  • 70yr female fall at PB. U24 at scene. Fire handles.
  • 2 Speeding PWC’s. MI on scene, clears with warnings.
  • Young Female on a SUP without a PFD at San Juan Cove.175K on scene, clears with warnings.
  • 3 persons in a rip at No Surf. LG, Jet 2 at scene. 2 water rescues.
  • Rescue vessel request for a Mass Rescue at Mission Beach. R1 at scene. Clear.
  • 24 yoF with head pain from a fall at OB. LG, Fire, Med at scene. PT transported to UCSD.
  • 6 persons in Rip @ No Surf; R5 on scene; no one in the rip, surfers made the rescues, all clear.
  • 5150 out of water at Spindrift. LG’s stand back and wait for SDPD. PD at scene handles.
  • Missing Swimmer at Santa Cruz. LG at scene and calls CODE-X. Multiple LG/Fire/SDPD units respond. Dive team called out, LG’s search for over an hour. Dive team to continue to search in A.M.
  • 7yo with burns to feet at Gleason Rd. Fire, LG at scene; Fire handles.
  • Person in distress at Adair. Jet1 on scene, person clears self.
  • Person stuck at Emerald Cave. LG/Jet3 at scene. Jet3 makes rescue.
  • Distraught father in the water, struggling in the waves at Orchard. LG/SDPD at scene. PD evaluates and determined to not be a threat to himself.


  • R5/24s reports possible 5150 on west ski island.1142 to shore.
  • 94 yoF, La Jolla Shores. Faint feeling.Transfer from Fire. No medics needed. LG transports to car.
  • 40 yo M. reaction to bee sting. 700 Grand. PT AMA
  • Man with laceration on foot. Unk details. SW corner of Santa Barbara cove. LG, Med respond.
  • Capsized vessel. Ski Beach. SDPD handles VAR. R2 par buckles and tows to Deanza.
  • 13 yo F. Neck pain. 1950 Abbott. Lifeguard, Medics on scene. PT to Childrens.
  • Confirmed shark sighting. La Jolla Shores. Hammerhead shark. Copter1/ SDLG. LJ beaches closed.
  • 50 yoM. Pulled from the water. Possible seizure. Lifeguards, Medics on scene. Rural metro 21 to Scripps.
  • Kayaker having trouble near Tecelote. G2/Bay W. 1159.
  • 54 yoM. Knee injury. Indian Canyon trail. Lifeguards/Cliff unit on scene. Copter 2 pick off to Scripps LJ.
  • Hand laceration. 29 yoM at La Jolla Cove. Lifeguards on scene. Notified by USCG by landline. Jet 3 takes patient to boat launch/Medics. PT to Scripps.
  • 32 yoF. Heat exhaustion at Blacks Beach. Lifeguards, Medics on scene. 2 boxes for 2 patients. Both AMA.
  • 24 yoM. Eto, overdose. 900 fiesta. G1/e25. Fire handles.
  • Disabled PWC. Ski Beach near GOV. Isle. G2 with tow to ski Beach.
  • Female with Knee injury at Dog Beach. Requested by Fire for transporting patient.


  • 11yoM, heat to bottom at LJS. Medics, Lifeguards on scene, PT transported to Children’s.
  • Dislocated shoulder at SMB. Lifeguards, medic at scene, PT transported to Scripps LJ.
  • 8yr male head to bottom at OB. lifeguards, Medics at scene. PT transported to Children’s.
  • Mass rescue call. All guards in at OB, all clear.
  • Mass rescue at PB T24. Lifeguard rescue units respond, all clear.
  • Dislocated Shoulder at PB. Lifeguards, Medic at scene, PT transported to Sharps.
  • Heat Exhaustion at Coat & Jenner. Fire and Medics respond. PT transported to Kaiser.


  • RP reports 2 sting ray patients at Tourmaline call box. Unit 25 transports victims to PB for treatment.
  • 57 yoM with head vs.? At 3100 Ocean Front walk. 2 Sam on scene, medic 21 transports to Scripps Mercy.
  • 1 Sam requests surfboat to 10-24 floating object 150 yards off Monaco. RW responds and find a Rubbermaid container and removes from ocean.
  • C spine injury to 26 yoM at Hornblend on boardwalk. Unit 24 on scene treating, medic 21 transports to Scripps La Jolla.
  • NPB reports kayak in distress ¼ mile off Tourmaline. Surfboat responds, guard who paddled out signals all clear once POB are back on board.
  • RP at Tourmaline call box reports sting ray patient. Unit 25 responds and reports patient will self transport.


  • Medics requested to MB tower for 20 yoM with sting ray barb in ankle. Medic 35 transports to UCSD.
  • RP NOC reports possible OD on OB pier. 1 Sam and fire respond. Patient elopes and all units are clear.
  • RP reports sting ray victim at Blacks Beach. Unit 34 responds and treats patient on scene.


  • Lifeguards on scene with 30 yr old male who fell at the foot of Hornblend (ETOH onboard). Fire and Medics respond. Medics transport patient to Scripps La Jolla
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