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Raelee Nikole offering her Answers May 29 in East Village

Twenty-year-old singer/songwriter's debut full length

“My best local gig ever happened last year on my nineteenth birthday, when I was a final contestant in the San Diego County Fair’s Singer/Songwriter Competition,” says Raelee Nikole. “Although I only performed two songs, ...

One big cover band

Is the audience there for the performer or the music?

Can we finally agree that classical music is about the music? It is not my intention to diminish the brilliance of classical performances, but a classical music artist is really a member of a huge ...

U-T execs show for O.B. council meeting

Invitation accepted to address residents' gripes with coupon distribution

In a gesture meant to grab the attention of the audience and the attending officials from the San Diego Union-Tribune, O.B. resident Mary Tolena wheeled in hundreds of advertising circulars and threw them on the ...

Trouble at TriCity hospital, nurse testifies

“They are not in a position to raise the capital. They just aren’t.”

When Fallbrook Hospital closed in December, it was kind of an “I-told-you-so” moment for Nathan Kaufman, a San Diego–based expert who has a 35-year career consulting over 80 hospital districts nationwide. Of Fallbrook’s demise, Kaufman ...

Suicidal babies

Innumerable crab spawn beach themselves in Baja

Thousands of baby pelagic red crabs have washed up on the beaches of Playas de Tijuana, the latest in a series of odd occurrences along the shores of Baja California that have left marine biologists ...

Old lifeguards and low funds imperil beach safety

Too white and overly male, auditor says about San Diego's aging water rescuers

About 40 percent of the City of San Diego's Lifeguard Services’ full-time lifeguards will be eligible to retire within the next five years, which is both good and bad, according to city auditors. The departure ...

Getting classy, Encinitas

Plans in motion for construction of two-story office building downtown

Another old downtown Encinitas building is soon to bite the dust. The 1950s-era building, at 860 South Coast Highway 101, was built as an auto-repair garage in the heyday of the pre–Interstate 5 route to ...

Above the bar, below the legend

San Diego Musical Theatre's Singin' in the Rain a competent rendering of a classic

Aw come on, you mean the movie where Gene Kelly — with a glow-ree-us feelin' — kick-splashes puddles, spins that black umbrella, glides with gymnastic grace, and joy-hangs from the side of a lamp-post didn’t ...

Stanley Cup at the Stout

The most genuinely pubby pub in town

“Oh no!” I hear it from B Street, plus a racket of laughs and arguments and cheers. It must be Stanley Cup time. The fan clans have gathered at Sixth Avenue between B and C, ...

No! to NAFTA on steroids

Environmentalists attempt to reach congressman Scott Peters

A crowd of about 50 protesters gathered in La Jolla on Wednesday afternoon (May 27) to catch the ear of congressman Scott Peters. The group simultaneously called Peters "a champion for environmental justice" while decrying ...

Frivolous appeal

No justice yet for Anastasio Rojas-Hernandez, five years after he died

Today marks five years since Anastasio Rojas-Hernandez died. The Mexican immigrant’s tasing by a group of federal agents while he lay on the ground with zip-tied hands was video-recorded and is the basis of his ...

May 27 dock totals

29 anglers aboard the Dolphin 1/2 day morning run boated 4 sculpin, 48 rockfish and 5 lingcod. 7 anglers aboard their pm 1/2 day run caught 1 sculpin, 39 rockfish, 1 lingcod and 36 calico ...

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