Medical Life

UC San Diego med school grad tackles the world

Dr. Jim Eichel on childbirth, suicide, neurotic patients, code blue, managed care frustrations, schizophrenia, overeating, sweet people at life's end, and med school itself

Show Me Your Saphenous Vein, James! I wish I could say I reveled in having brought a fresh new life into the world, but a new baby is slippery, and I was scared she would ...

Medical Life: Doctors

A family doctor I didn't ask for, doctor war stories, UCSD med school admissions, ER doc see abused baby, San Diego cardiologist up close, hard economies

Man vs MD Every patient, as well as every dog, has his day, and mine came. It occurred in the local hospital ward during my recovery from a rather serious illness. In this environment our ...

Medical life

Nurses, med students, paramedics, and interns

What the Ghost in White Shoes Knows Burnt-out nurses seek revenge. Burnt-out nurses move slowly and resentfully through the hospital halls when a patient’s call light flickers on. Perhaps the patient’s IV bag has run ...

Who's giving injections at Planned Parenthood?

Court case pits nurse practitioner against former employer

There’s a showdown downtown scheduled for Friday, August 14, when the case of Murray v. Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest goes to trial in superior court. Carla M. Murray, a nurse practitioner, had worked ...

Trouble at TriCity hospital, nurse testifies

“They are not in a position to raise the capital. They just aren’t.”

When Fallbrook Hospital closed in December, it was kind of an “I-told-you-so” moment for Nathan Kaufman, a San Diego–based expert who has a 35-year career consulting over 80 hospital districts nationwide. Of Fallbrook’s demise, Kaufman ...

Nurses push Susan Davis on Robin Hood tax

Bank of America mad chalker speaks up

A contingent led by the California Nurses Association donned pointed green caps before meeting with staffers from Representative Susan Davis's office on Friday morning, requesting her support of HR 1579, a bill introduced last year ...

Tijuana plastic-surgery doctors tighten up image

Complications result from 20% of surgeries

In an attempt to bolster public confidence in the practice of plastic surgery in Baja California, the state's secretary of health has published a list of certified plastic surgeons on its official website, The ...

Patient-care workers strike at UC’s Thornton Hospital in La Jolla

Statewide protest to voice objections with management

Thirty minutes into a healthcare workers rally at UC San Diego Thornton Hospital, La Jolla, on May 21, a healthcare technician in blue scrubs approached the microphone and said a deal had been reached between ...

Direct-pay doctors revive a dying art

Have stethoscope, will travel

A new (old) breed of doctor is surfacing — one who makes house calls, believes pills are overprescribed, and cares to talk to their patients.

Accident Doctors and a Letter From a Storm Chaser

Hello, Matt: My friend in Florida was recently in an accident and she reported to me that her normal doctor would not see her for her accident-related injuries, that she had to see special “accident ...

County to Track Homeless TB Patients with Global Positioning System

County health officials say they have a life-threatening problem: keeping homeless tuberculosis patients in check. “TB is a highly infectious disease that can cause death,” notes a “request for quotation” recently posted on the county’s ...

Oregon Doctors Group Holds Rally at San Diego County Administration Building

In the drizzly early afternoon of October 4, a crowd of about 50 people gathered outside the San Diego County Administration building, where the “Mad as Hell Doctors” held a rally. The Oregon-based group formed ...

If He Goes, I Go Too

An elder death devotional.

It seemed as if everyone who worked at our local hospital knew Jake. A self-proclaimed “recovered hater of doctors,” he became a fixture, volunteering in the emergency room. The wisecracking 86-year-old’s wrinkled face, slumped shoulders, ...

If You Sue Me, I Can't Be Your Physician

Spinal infection from a dental procedure...huh?

“The pain is in my heart. I want you to send me to a heart specialist so that I can have an angiogram and have this taken care of right away.” Stephan’s deep, subdued tones, ...

Why Tijuana?

Better doctors, better service, better price.

Deep-Fried Quesadillas Everything was just out of reach as I lay on my left side in a bed at Tijuana's newest and most modern hospital. I had to sit up or lie down only on ...

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