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Rodriguez Family Farms in Escondido turned organic

When Grandpa got sick from pesticides

Pesticides kill bugs — how can they not be killing people? San Diego — indeed, California — is a leader in the production of organic vegetables and fruit.

Meeting of Mavericks

Milkweed grows by my fence. Don’t ask me to pull it. Weeds were my friends in childhood — emerald explosions in the dull cinders of train track, green lace at the sleeves of our water ...

Steam Powered Giraffe: Wired wrong

“We’re a musical pantomime troupe,” says Christopher “Bunny” Bennett of Steam Powered Giraffe. “Most know us as ‘those singing robots.’

North Park gang members indicted for sex trafficking

Murder, kidnapping, involved, says U.S. attorney

An indictment was unsealed today, January 8, charging 24 North Park gang members and their associates wth running a racketeering conspiracy involving cross-country sex trafficking of underage girls and women as well as murder, kidnapping, ...

No tough justice for former Southwestern College official

John Wilson’s 16 counts reduced to a single misdemeanor

South Bay judge Ana España and district attorney Bonnie Dumanis do not appear to be on the same page. In a widely viewed January 2012 news report, Dumanis declared that “the widespread corruption uncovered in ...

Interview with The Legend of Hercules star Kellan Lutz

Because every demigod needs an origin story.

The Legend of Hercules is the first of this year's two Hercules films. The second, due in July, will star Dwayne Johnson, a suitably gigantic actor for the part of the original strongman. But Kellan ...

Record-release roundup

The new year is kicking off with a herd of earworms, including the debut full-length from jazz-funk dancehall drifters Mafard, whose first single, “Finger Lickin’ Chicken Pickin’ Mexican,” has been stirring the controversy pot. An ...

Is Pinback a band?

Gloomy music pretending to be happy: that’s Pinback. Their particular vibe comes as the result of living here in the banana belt of San Diego where the weather is almost always balmy. Or so says ...

Nunu's, the hoppingest place

“Gimme the basic burger,” I say. “Uh, no,” says Leighanne.

Ed gets punched by a nubbly, crunchy, and salty burger at Nunu’s in Hillcrest.

What’s shaken at the Kraken?

The Kraken puts an end to the Doug Allen-hosted Monday- and Tuesday-night jam sessions due to insufficient bar sales.

Suspected arson fire in La Mesa

Scorches porta potty at Sunshine Park

A fire reported at 5:41 a.m. on January 4 destroyed two portable toilets and the wood-shake roof of nearby restrooms at Sunshine Park, according to La Mesa Police Department lieutenant Ray Sweeney. Restrooms at the ...

Where to go zip-lining in San Diego (over rhinos!) and beyond

It’s a new year, and the Kelly family is looking for a new adventure. “Zip-line riding is on my bucket list,” offered my husband. “I’m on it,” I said. “Our flight-line Safari is pretty popular,” ...

More Stuck in the Rough cash for Republican Faulconer

And Unions continue giving big to Democrat Alvarez

With election day less than five weeks away, campaign cash to both sides in the battle for San Diego mayor is gushing through a sometimes confusing and byzantine network of corporations, unions, and political committees. ...

The digital divide of Her

Better than reality

At first glance, you might be tempted to think that Spike Jonze’s latest film is titled Her because it’s about her: Samantha, the sentient operating system (fetchingly voiced by Scarlett Johansson), who is purchased, befriended, ...

The NFL ought to worry about TiVo

The NFL and me

Remember the three-out-of-four-NFL-wildcard-games-might-be-blacked-out story? Things are changing in the NFL. Which makes sense; my relationship with the NFL has changed several times. Relationship 1. I’m hitchhiking with Gretchen, heading south on Highway 99, somewhere around ...

Chargers linebacker sues former lawyer

Alleges his counsel failed to detect fraud, conflicts of interest

Chargers All-Pro linebacker Dwight Freeney is back in court over a series of misguided investment moves, just weeks after the conclusion of his latest case. Last month, Eva Weinberg, who'd quit her job at Merrill ...

A few blocks from Soledad Park

No ocean view, but the place is still worth millions

Current Owners: Templeton Investment Assets, Inc. Listing Price: $5,200,000 Beds: 6 Baths: 8 Not every home in the tony La Jolla neighborhood can boast sweeping ocean views, but that doesn’t stop many properties from commanding ...

Corte Madera Mountain

Ascend and sign the peak register at the top of San Diego’s “Half Dome.”

Bring friends, as this is a trail less traveled. The route averages a 7 percent steady climb with short sections of 60 percent (stairs) at the 4588 peak before reaching the plateau to Corte Madera ...

Failed pension prosecutor turns Obama judge wannabe

A big-time lawyer from San Diego who has been nominated by Barack Obama for a seat on the oft-controversial U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has revealed his income and net worth as ...

Alpine and Culture latest to explore pseudo gluten-free beer

White Labs innovation increasing beer options for the gluten-intolerant

The words Clarity-Ferm won’t mean much to the average beer drinker, but the impact of that product, which was introduced in 2013 by local yeast-production company White Labs, is likely to be so huge that ...

Escondido police suspect cousins in robberies

Demand of “give me all the money” before pistol-whipping the clerk

Police found evidence connecting two men with at least four armed robberies that occurred recently in Escondido. One of them was due to be arraigned in San Diego’s North County Superior Courthouse for felony robbery ...

Federal Defenders fights to stop courtroom shackles in San Diego

Chained in a palladium of liberty

Federal court requires defendants to be shackled; this is estimated as a presumption of guilt before before being found innocent, say some people.

In San Diego clubs Sunday-Wednesday, January 12–15

Sunday 12Tennis anyone? Denver-based marrieds Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley have apparently docked the breezy Cape Dory skiff-pop for darker waters. Last year’s Young and Old, recorded with Black Key Patrick Carney fuzzed up the ...

Domestic violence done to city treasury

An audit by the office of California controller John Chiang has demanded a refund from the City of San Diego for allegedly overbilling the state for domestic-violence reports required under California law. A state mandate ...

Another reggae casualty

Radio reggae show Yard Sound, hosted by Ras Charles, gets yanked by Palomar College station KKSM (1320 AM).

San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation’s greatest moments of the year

All is well with the Corporation

Post Title: Good News of the Year | Post Date: December 31, 2013 “Good News” is all around us. For the second year in a row, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest ...

Holy Angels Byzantine Catholic Church

Practical guideposts for embracing the cross daily

Contact: 858-277-2511; Membership: 60 households Pastor: Father Robert Pipta Age: 46 Born: Anaheim Formation: St. Cyril and Methodius Byzantine Catholic Seminary, Pittsburgh, PA Years Ordained: 20 San Diego Reader: What is your favorite subject ...

New year, new letters

Demonized Unions With reference to the December 19 cover story, “We’re Constantly in Fear,” I am fully aware of the disparity in the treatment of adjunct and tenured faculty. You see, I was a tenured ...

Holiday in South Africa, part 4

The Boer doesn’t tell us what to do here.

Part four of a four-part story about apartheid-era South Africa. First published in The Monthly, November 1986. Reprinted in the Reader, summer of 1990. In memory of Nelson Mandela.

In San Diego clubs Thursday–Saturday, January 9–11

Thursday 9Nineties-grade alt-rockers No Knife culled a biggish but brief career from angular slash-and-burn pop deconstructions that evoked, at turns, the Clash, Fugazi, Archers, and Mission of Burma, but Mitch Wilson’s first-person lyrics and emotive ...