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Navy SEAL punches cabdriver at Bayfront Hilton

Avtar Singh sues SEAL, Navy, city

He looked at the shattered driver's side window of his cab and worried about how his boss would react. He never saw the punch coming.

To Jesus on His Birthday

For this your mother sweated in the cold, For this you bled upon the bitter tree: A yard of tinsel ribbon bought and sold; A paper wreath; a day at home for me. The merry ...

All you want for Christmas

Wages are stagnant, album sales miserable, and download revenues a joke. In this harsh, wintry economic climate, musicians are more dependent than ever on Santa Claus to deliver the goods. Circa 2014, it seems as ...

Despite the rumors, San Diego has soul

Although it may not be the first genre one associates with San Diego, soul music is experiencing a resurgence here, with over a dozen soul bands playing and recording around town. Two of the groups ...

Squeaky cheese?

Poutine means "mess"

She looks like Renée Zellweger. Wait. Maybe she is René Zellwegger. Maybe the real Renée got sick of the movie life and paid another chica to come out to the cameras after the “facelift,” pretending ...

Keane eyes

Jeepers creepers, peepers

What could Tim Burton have possibly seen in Big Eyes, the story of a monotonous, marginally talented, yet enormously successful “artist?” Something of himself, perhaps? For years, even Burton’s staunchest detractors (I’m one of them) ...

Blame it on college

Ed Ghost’s “long hair, don’t care” drummer lists his hits.

“I’m pretty dang happy right now...a steady paycheck would be groovy, though.”

Cash’d Out Christmas with Rosie Flores

A double-header with Cash’d Out and Rosie Flores for your holiday pleasure. Cash’d Out is a Johnny Cash tribute act. They’ve been around San Diego now for close to a decade. For what it’s worth, ...

Our plan Everything

Touring bands and booking agents will tell you local opportunities are few compared to the thriving hard rock scenes in L.A., the Bay Area, or Texas. But the five guys in A New Challenger Approaches ...

Beer and Bar Mitzvah

A Jerry Brown appointee to the board that runs the Del Mar fair has decided to throw in the towel after just one four-year term. “I am writing to inform you that I will not ...

Ten Worst Films of 2014

Much of what follows was regurgitated from capsule reviews with the occasional extra added dash of bonus bile. (You don’t really expect me to give any of these a second look, do you?) Haters gonna ...

There are midnight lips to kiss

Camper, Cracker, Mrs. Magician, and the rest of Monk's crunks for New Year's week

Sunday 28From Los Angeles, “dirty reggae” act the Aggrolites (“1960s soul music, funk, and skinhead reggae”) skank into Belly Up Sunday night. The Aggrolites’ 2006 self-titled Hellcat Records release is an essential set to get ...

Adolescents at play, Hideout at Soda Bar, Cured for your holiday hangover

...and the best of the rest in the San Diego clubs Christmas weekend

Thursday 25Happy hols, y’all. Fa la la la, la la la. Friday 26Belly Up stages a Cash’d Out Christmas featuring the top-shelf JC tribute with wicked special guest Rosie Flores. Flores is Dave Good’s Of ...

Abundant signs of renewed life

Post-fire Garnet Peak hike boasts a flurry of wildflowers.

Hike this peak for dramatic views of the desert, mountains, and ocean all from one spot.

Drainpipes 'n' winklepickers

Skinny, but not that skinny.

Who is this Elvis Presley character you speak of?

That old black magic

The problem with the Chargers is that Philip Rivers is cursed.

In terms of fan interest, yes, the Chargers Saturday night comeback ranks right up there. The Bolts push on with their December heroics, every game is a must-win game, every game is a walking–to-the-edge thriller, ...

Championship living

Your personal link has a view of the Fairbanks Ranch links.

An elegant solution for those who enjoy entertaining formally.

DeMaio’s vows

Word out of Washington earlier this month that defeated GOP congressional candidate Carl DeMaio is starting up a new super PAC has been followed by a quick rollout of the committee’s website, which suggests the ...

Going once, going twice...

“Is that the actual key?” Eric Denton says with obvious delight. “And it still works?” It does. “We should raise the price,” he says, only half joking about the $99 price tagged onto an old ...

No internet naïveté

DJ doesn't need a stinking blog.

Dear Hipster: How come you don’t have a personal blog? I thought all hipsters had to have personal blogs, or at least Tumblrs. I might read it, if that’s any consolation to you. — Bernie ...

No girl sets out to die

November Butterfly, my first poetry collection

November Butterfly (my first poetry collection) comes out in 30 days! I’m anxious, nervous, and excited. Inadvertently, over the past seven years, as I wrote the poems that would become November Butterfly, I left a ...

Texts and death in Oceanside

Messages of love...and death

In 2006, when he was 17, Arturo Salazar came north from Oaxaca, Mexico. He attended El Camino High School in Oceanside where he met 15-year-old Edith Garcia. “She was the woman that I loved from ...

Humanity is not all written off

College footballer chooses the pulpit over the gridiron

Pastor Terry Brooks preached his first sermon at age eight.


Republican county supervisor Bill Horn has been getting some reflected financial love from one of the San Diego’s biggest landholders. Rancho Guejito, which is enmeshed in a struggle to develop its sprawling 22,000-acre holding in ...

Yesterday's catch is tonight's dinner

December 23 dock totals *Chubasco 2 Sportfishing 39 Anglers, 1 Boat, 27 Vermilion Rockfish, 3 California Sheephead, 128 Rockfish H&M Landing 86 Anglers, 5 Boats, *2 Spider Crab, 3 Red Rock Crab, 5 California Spiny ...

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