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Del Cerro Democrat gives big to Alvarez; McMillins kick in for Fletcher

Monied super PAC donors weigh in for San Diego Democratic city councilman; GOP givers pick ex-Republican Fletcher as major cash race for mayor intensifies.

Local politicians have found that Sunroad is paved with stumbling blocks.

Did the company pay to play?

An account of the chronology and controversial communications between Sunroad corporation’s Tom Story and city officials about granting construction easements in exchange for donations to a couple of former mayor Bob Filner’s pet projects.

Some San Carlos residents leery of Navajo Rd. plan

Cowles Mountain hikers prompt parking proposal

The majority of Navajo Community Planners, Inc., on September 16 voted to oppose a City of San Diego proposal to put 19 parking spaces on Navajo Road, a street where the speed limit is 50 ...

Corn Chip Chowdown

Trader Joe, the organic newcomer to the corn-chip party goes head-to-head with Mr. Frito.

The Wire: The Complete Series, Harakiri

While the primary driving force of The Wire is Baltimore’s drug trade and the subsequent epidemic of violence, viewers are challenged to consider the larger circumstances at play in this portrait of a city. Some ...

Five minutes to Baja's finest

La Faraona, in Tijuana’s Zona Rio, offers a taste of Baja’s finest cuisine

One of the most visible symptoms of the cultural shift that has been taking place in Tijuana over the past several years is the reclamation of former tourist dumps by businesses that now highlight Baja’s ...

Some like it cheap

Ed takes his beer ration while watching a sailboat race at 1887 on the Bay.

Before Elisha Babcock built the Hotel del Coronado, he reputedly had his carpenters construct a many-sided boathouse as a training exercise. The building survived and recently became another new restaurant — 1887 on the Bay.

Old familiar ways

Forty years in, you start to feel it. Unless you’re a certain sort of hardy soul — I’m looking at you, Ed Bedford — the thought of finding a new place to eat is no ...

The Naked and Famous

By the time the Naked and Famous play here, their new CD, In Rolling Waves, will have been released. I got to preview a track from the forthcoming disc earlier. “A Stillness” is no doubt ...

Boogie Nights, The Shining

Boogie Nights is a classic from director Paul Thomas Anderson. The commentaries alone are worth the purchase. This is a must have for fans of P.T. Anderson and aspiring filmmakers. Great picture quality and bonus ...

Cheapskate’s Corner

I don’t like to be separated from my money unless I get something great in return. Even if I were rich beyond measure, you’d never see me wrapped in sable pulling up to the Marine ...

Tijuana Estuary

Tijuana Estuary’s endangered annual hemiparasite, only found in ten locations.

Reddish egrets and yellow-headed night herons are sometimes seen in this section of the Pacific Flyway.

What happens in Amsterdam...

Neil Diamond impersonator David J. Sherry recently did a European tour that included a scary plane landing and Amsterdam — “What happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam,” he says.

In from the cold

Diebenkorn wasn’t interested in psychological-erotic dynamics.

Richard Diebenkorn: The Berkeley Years 1953–1956, on view at the de Young Museum until September 29, 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive, San Francisco. 415-750-3600; Beyond Belief: 100 years of the Spiritual in Modern Art, ...

Feast! Leftovers

An overabundance of contributions to our September 5 Feast issue allowed us to offer these leftovers. Find Chad Deal's Baja leftovers below. Not in the mood for Mexi? Try Eve Kelly's Cheapskate's Corner or munch ...

Mike Keneally misses his couch

“We’re covering a lot of North America on a two-month tour. I really love traveling, which is a good thing, considering how much of it I’ve been doing lately,” says multi-instrumentalist Mike Keneally, adding, “when ...

The brutal spectacle of You Will Be My Son

A family thing

You can’t choose your family,” goes the old saying. You Will Be My Son tells the story of what may happen when you try. It’s not a surprising story, but it is a satisfying one. ...

This week in the San Diego clubs, September 19-25

Thursday 19“FREE BIRD!” Say it like you mean it, San Diego, when Lynyrd Skynyrd takes the stage at Humphreys by the Bay Thursday night. Even if you’re not there, yell it out. It never gets ...

Backout Party heads to Nashville

Angry Oates

“We have a new tune about Vietnam that sounds like a pissed-off Hall & Oates,” Brian Holwerda tells the Reader. “It was inspired by a crazy PBS documentary, but it could definitely be interpreted and ...

Dead air reigns in The Shining City

Conor McPherson’s The Shining City takes some amazing theatrical risks. No, wait, make that anti-theatrical. Imagine the exact opposite of a blockbuster movie: frantic cuts, pulse-drubbing pace, blaring sounds that belt you daffy. Shining City ...

See and be seen

Mission Beach house on the market for 1411 days.

Absolution Brewing Opts Out

Work-in-progress brewery chooses a location outside San Diego County

In July, I shared the news that a brewer working on an upcoming interest I’d been keeping an eye on for some time, Devil’s Forge Brewing Company, had merged with another operation. As it turns ...

Tim Tebow's career decision

The Moscow Black Storm has offered Tim Tebow $1 million to play in two games.

Meet and go greet

Back in the old days, about 1975 or so, San Diegans who liked historical houses and commercial buildings were widely referred to by real estate agents and developers as “hysterical preservationists.” How times have changed. ...

Partying like it's 2010

California state legislators have a lot of ways to raise and spend special-interest cash for their own relaxation and enjoyment. Take the example of Republican state senator Mark Wyland and his 2010 “officeholders account.” It’s ...

Arrest warrant issued for Kristin Rossum’s Australian lover

Alleged co-conspirator Michael Robertson in the spotlight.

Arrest warrant issued (quietly) for Michael Robertson, the former boss/lover of Kristin Rossum, the former San Diego toxicologist convicted of poisoning her husband in 2000.

The Resolved Church

Die, get a new body, go to heaven...or hell.

As pastor Duane Smets of the Resolved Church in Morena is working on his Sunday sermon, he thinks of it as a date as he gets to know it.

White bread for lunch bunch

Liberal Democrat Bob Filner has been ousted as mayor, and the September 5 meeting of the Mexican American Business and Professional Association appeared to reflect the city’s new order, featuring two of the city’s insiders. ...

Everyone has an opinion

Author Schooled Ms. Braun says it is okay to attend a public high school (“We Like the Idea of Public High School...,” September 12 cover story). Sometimes invincible ignorance is amusing. In Ms. Braun’s case, ...

Mods Gone Wild! Clairemont High “Riot” of ‘82

Historical account of Manual Scan bopping like popcorn at Clairemont High School, c.1982.

I’m Not There, The Complete Black Books

I’m Not There: I really like movies that are less woven together and more tied in knots. This isn’t the story of Bob Dylan but rather a nonlinear exploration of his essence, identity, and how ...