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Author Schooled

Ms. Braun says it is okay to attend a public high school (“We Like the Idea of Public High School...,” September 12 cover story). Sometimes invincible ignorance is amusing. In Ms. Braun’s case, it is tragic.

I began teaching as a teenager when the principal asked me, a sophomore, to tutor some seniors, most of them being football guys. I continued to teach, even in the army and in the navy, and have taught every level from middle school to graduate school. My conclusion is that the public schools of the United States are morally, intellectually, and spiritually wasted, and are a mortal danger to the survival of the United States.

A Christian parent, or any other parent, who sends his child into the public schools is either a fool or a madman. Ms. Braun notwithstanding, the schools run by the government are intended to root out every standard of morality and replace faith with the idolatry of the secular superstate.

Homeschooling is the answer. If not that, a parent should make every effort to enroll the child into the school of his own religion or denomination. Every religious community should build its own school.

We must rebel against, and overthrow the requirement to enroll children in the state schools and restore the freedom to educate to each parent. The supergovernment is our enemy and its schools are our destruction.

  • Name Withheld
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Your Kid Is Not a Genius

I enjoyed Siobhan Braun’s cover article (“We Like the Idea of Public High School...,” September 12) about picking a high school for her kid.

I’m glad I never bred so I don’t have to deal with such matters. My family moved a few times during my childhood and we just attended whatever school was closest. My siblings and I turned out fine.

I was particularly amused by the section of the article where some of the parents are concerned that their kids will not be stimulated enough by the academic courses or will be too advanced for the material.

Why does everyone think their kid is a such a genius? How many geniuses do you encounter in your daily life? Parents should realize their kid will probably just end up working a crappy 9-5 job, and hate it as much as they do.

It is unlikely your child will cure cancer, found the next Apple, or be the first human on Mars. In the immortal words of Ted Knight’s Judge Smails in the classic movie Caddyshack, “Well, the world needs ditch-diggers, too.”

  • Pat Wilson
  • University City

Not Real, Doll

Realdoll has not given ex-mayor Bob Filner any dolls (SD on the QT: “San Marcos-Based Realdoll Manufacturer Donates Doll to Filner”). This article is pure fabrication. The CEO and owner is Matt McMullen, not Ina Nimate. Apparently the Reader does not do any fact-checking in regards to the articles you publish.

  • Name Withheld
  • San Marcos

The Cost of a Big Mac

I was truly disgusted at the nerve of the individual who wrote the letter (“Minimum Wage for the Minimally Skilled,” September 12) regarding the minimum wage and the made-up lies it contained as to what it would supposedly do to our economy, if it were raised to a decent living wage.

Here we are in the year 2013 and we still have ignorant and greedy people like this who have the gall to complain about something that’s a big issue today, and something that every legitimate economist states is not true. Raising minimum wage would not hurt our economy. Rather, it would boost it.

The letter quotes some random economist, and sounds a lot like the 12-percent-approval-rated GOP with talking points that are absurd lies. Obviously he only cares about what his Big Mac would cost him, and not about whether the person who put that Big Mac together could afford to feed his or her family. Unbelievable!

I’m a 45-year-old African-American woman who hasn’t worked a fast food job since I was a teen. I would never get so high on my horse today that I would turn down such a job if I needed it. The nerve of this man to state that those who work such jobs are minimally skilled is almost beyond crazy. I’m surprised that your magazine would publish such a letter.

Please realize that our country and our lovely city are in dire straits. And people like that individual are the main cause. They vote on things against their best interest simply because they despise our labor unions and working people. But they don’t hesitate to take advantage of the holidays and weekends that the labor unions worked hard to get for most of us working citizens.

Come on, Reader. I know we live in a free speech and free thought world, but his type of thinking angers many readers and is the reason for the divide in this country now. Down with his type.

If he feels that it’s okay for inflation to continue climbing while salaries stay stagnant or below a living wage, then I say he pack his bags. Get the hell out of the U.S. and go buy an $8 Big Mac in another country somewhere. Maybe then he’ll stop writing such nonsense and invest in getting a little more common sense.

  • Leo Lion Lady
  • Redondo

Draft Status

In the spirit of Jeorges Alvina’s letter (September 12) pointing out inaccuracies in the Reader, I would like to point out that his claim that student deferments were no longer in effect in 1971 is inaccurate.

In 1971, my draft classification was 2-S, i.e. I had a student deferment. I gave up my student deferment in November 1971, and after a month in the pool I was classified 1-H in January 1972.

  • Mike Healy
  • Serra Mesa

Thank You, San Diego

I’m calling to comment on this person who is suing the City of San Diego because he stepped in a gopher hole in Ocean Beach playing football (News Ticker: “Man Sues the City over Gopher Hole Infestation”).

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Walter Mencken Sept. 18, 2013 @ 1:53 p.m.

Dear Blurry-Eyed Bob, Please accept my apologies for the hard-to-read bit in SD on the QT. An error in judgment on my part. And thank you very much for trying. Here is a link to the online version, which should be more legible: http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs...


Walter Mencken Sept. 18, 2013 @ 1:56 p.m.

Dear Name Withheld, You seem to be on to something about Ina Minate not being the real CEO of RealDoll any more than Natalie Dressed is the CEO of Brooks Brothers. But the Reader does do a fair amount of fact-checking. Why, just look at this profile of RealDoll from way back in 1999:



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