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Did San Diego parrots come from Mexico or Pasadena?

Polly want a visa?

Most parrot species in the wild are threatened or endangered, yet, here in our urban jungles, parrots are flourishing.

San Diego tourism lags other California cities

Billion-dollar infrastructure deficit to blame?

San Diego hotel occupancy continues to lag the results of Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco, according to Smith Travel Research numbers. Hotel guru Jerry Morrison of Encinitas blames this year's weak performance on ...

Speeding Prius crashes cars in La Jolla

Driver of VW died at the scene

According to the SDPD 's Officer Townsend, at the scene of the accident, at about 11:30 a.m. on October 23, a Prius traveling west on La Jolla Village Drive at a high rate of speed ...

One less bad rock band

Primary influences are cited as being “hard times, shitty jobs, and crappy girlfriends.” Add to this concoction the dynamic duo of Merle Haggard and the Replacements and you have the basic formula for El Monte Slim.

Classes of ’39–’42 reunite at San Dieguito Academy

Lost school alma mater heard for the first time since '96

“I knew someday I’d be the last person from my class,” said 92-year-old Del Mar resident Henry Knorr. “I just didn’t expect it to be so soon.” Knorr was a member of San Dieguito High ...

Time Warped

Ed damns the torpedoes, ups the cholesterol at Goody’s Café

Goody’s Café was Kozak’s Coffee Shop from 1964 till 2000. Briefly a Chaldean restaurant, now they’re serving up classic diner food again. Ed lets greed take over and orders an egg skillet…and biscuit and bacon and coffee and…

Wit at Lamb's Players Theatre

Salvation anxiety

“It is not my intention to give away the plot, but I think I die in the end.”

Mini Mausoleum

What’s Halloween without a Saw sequel? This marks the second holiday in a row minus Jigsaw and a cellar filled with raw teenage bodies to exenterate. Last year at this time Frankenweenie, Sinister, Paranormal Activity ...

Rock 'n' roll protoplasm

Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes guitarist Rick Froberg bashes and embraces San Diego.

That one time...

Patrick Daugherty recalls August 1983 and the pick-up baseball game in Alaska that he played in which he could do no wrong.

Police protest EDM?

Former 4th&B concert venue won’t open under Avalon name as expected this fall. New owners say they are lining up permits before they begin construction; insiders say the city doesn’t want electronic dame music.

Airplane Monument

Trail to past tragedy in the Cuyamacas

Hike this year-round trail through chaparral and oak woodland to stunning views and to see a mounted 12-cylinder aircraft engine. 

Walmart and Sempra bankroll anti-Fletcher hit piece

GOP Lincoln Club continues direct mail onslaught against ex-Republican Assemblyman backed by Qualcomm Democratic billionaire

No matter what else might be said about the Republican Lincoln Club, it's nothing if not determined to proceed with its war of the hit pieces against Nathan Fletcher, the ex-GOP state assemblyman-turned-Democrat backed by ...

This week in the San Diego clubs, October 24–30

Thursday 24I missed this year’s SDMAs. Security didn’t see the humor in my Psycho Tim Pyles “getup.” To be fair, they saw the humor — they loved last year’s Zombie Mikey Esparza — they just ...

The Perfect Crumple

Barb and David destroy a book — it’s art

“You have four left, right? Let me try it on one, I’ll show you.” Reluctantly, David tore a page from the near-empty spine and handed it to me. I closed my hand around the page.

Bullfight fight

No blood, no big deal. Right?

California Academy of Tauromaquia, a San Diego bullfight-training school owned by Coleman Cooney, is under fire by animal-rights groups. But there is no slaughter or blood spilled (in California). That won’t slow down the signature gathering for a petition to shut the school down.

San Diego woman faces U.S. citizenship revocation and deportation

Naturalized in '93, jailed in 2011, sues for false imprisonment and distress in '13

Sharon Arlanza Yost, a 33-year-old San Diegan, claims that federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers kept her wrongfully imprisoned for seven months and then tried to revoke her citizenship after she sued for emotional distress ...

Iron Fist introduces four-packs

Vista brewery doling out extra pale ale four-at-a-time

Because one can never have enough beer, even a bottle-share can lead to a second sudsy location. In the case of the share I reported on earlier this week (where I dug up early info ...


Songs that Joe Jackson forgot to write: that’s what comes to mind when I hear anything by the soul-pop group Suedehead. Davey Warsop’s got a way of crafting upbeat tunes in terms of big, round ...

Record-release roundup

Bassist/composer Mark Dresser will debut his CD Nourishments at Dizzy’s in P.B. on October 25, where he’ll perform with his West Coast Quintet. The CD’s long-distance musical collaborations were achieved via telematics, which allows artists in different locations to perform together using high-speed, high-bandwidth internet connections. True story. Just one in this month’s San Diego record-release roundup.

Lone star big oil rover

In addition to his Pickens connection, mayoral candidate and city councilman Kevin Faulconer has been collecting big cash from others tied to the Lone Star state. City campaign disclosure records show that David M. Grimes ...

Police take blood samples at foot of Newport Avenue in O.B.

There was a fight...there was a knife…

There was yellow police ribbon around the rock on Veterans Plaza at the foot of Newport Avenue on October 21. The ribbon was surrounding a blood splatter on the pavement. Two police officers were there ...

Bob White: pot, booze, Father Joe

California Strategies, the Sacramento-based lobbying outfit founded by San Diego State University star alum and Pete Wilson and Arnold Schwarzenegger political intimate Bob White, has been making big money of late working for purveyors of ...

Ripe pickens

She rides with the rural horsey set in Rancho Santa Fe, but the heart of Madeleine Pickens, ex-wife of billionaire Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens, appears to be in the big city of San Diego. ...

San Diegans Bill C. Crafton, Jr. and Todd LaRocca allegedly bilked millions from pro jocks

Athletes get caught in Ponzi schemes

In January of 2010, SunTrust Banks, the big financial institution in Atlanta, proudly announced that it would open a San Diego branch for its Sports and Entertainment Specialty Group, which manages finances for athletes and ...

YMCA backs away from Imperial Beach sports park management

Residents relieved, but prospect of new fees still loom

The YMCA has pulled out of the running in the struggle over the privatization of the Sports Park Recreation Center & Park in Imperial Beach. A battle between local residents and the city government has ...

Letters received

Friend Request Re: “The First Time I See Eliza Jane Schneider Onstage, I Want to Be Her Friend.” My friend and I had the great good fortune to see Eliza JaneSchneider’s stunning one-woman show, Freedom ...

Uma and the skunk

Blogger Patty Clark envisions what it would be like to bleed to death. Then she writes about a skunk intruder in her home.

"Pious Fear" by Manikkavacakar

“Pious Fear” I fear not serpents lurking smooth; I fear no liars’ feignèd truth; But when I see fools venturing E’en to the foot of Him our king, Our three-eyed Lord with matted hair, Of ...