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Scott Marks scripts Kensington Video’s story

Movie lover's paradise

Mom-and-pop movie shop Kensington Video is a film-renters haven for its top-shelf collection and personal — familial, even — service. Oh, and their knowledge of all things Charles Bronson.

Days of hope for El Cajon’s Second Street

Chaldean gas stations and convenience stores targeted?

The El Cajon City Council on August 27 unanimously adopted an ordinance to regulate the sale of alcohol that is consumed offsite. The law established a system that starts with a warning, and could lead ...

Witches’ brew in a hotpot

I’m wiping the back of my neck and my brow more than my mouth.

Ed visits a hero's grave in Old Town, gets distracted by the smell of Tom Yum coming from D'O Thai Cottage. C'mon, Ed!

Gang's Singapore Sling

Gin has had a hard row of it in San Diego — that’s according to Jason O’Bryan, one of the top barristers at the Asian fusion Gang Kitchen. “You would think that the starting ingredient ...

Life's Tripod

One of the most troubling aspects of “living in the fast lane” is that there is no exit. There is no slowing down. The only way to stop is to crash. In the real world, ...

Record-release roundup

Jazzy hip-hoppers Lyrical Groove will perform their debut full-length Spoken Soul on August 31 at Block 16 Union and Spirits on Seventh Avenue downtown, with other acts to include Geminelle, Presto, and Sound Collage Musik. ...

Bread & Salt & Bonnie

The Wright stuff — Fresh Sounds in Barrio Logan

Musicologist Bonnie Wright moves her cutting-edge Fresh Sounds series to artsy enclave Bread & Salt in Barrio Logan.

Mt. Woodson via the Blue Sky Reserve

Stroll through one of San Diego’s more scenic oak woodlands and experience a diversity of vegetation types on your way up to the top of Mt. Woodson where rock climbers may be seen.

The rise of 91X, the demise of its original DJs

Leave Mexico out of it

Erik Thompson wonders why no one has made a movie about the 91X he worked at 30 years ago. Driven by an exploding new wave and punk culture, 91X was one of the first commercial ...

Our Pulitzer pianist

Composer, pianist, UCSD professor Anthony Davis talks about his shot at a Pulitzer and his day with the Dead.

Zoom, pan, kaboom! Closed Circuit!

Defense under duress

What’s this? An intelligent, paranoid suspense thriller with no bullets fired, zero special effects, two sizzling romantic leads who don’t kiss (let alone hit the sheets), and the good sense to pack a tripod?! Summer’s ...

Hops over the border

Baja wages beer war

If the idea of craft beer in Baja is new to you, you aren’t alone. But now, more than ever, it’s time to catch up. As any southbound San Diegan knows, the selection of suds ...

Letters: Blowin' in the wind

Bird Killers The August 22 cover story blurb on wind turbines (“They’re Over 300 Feet High. They Kill Birds. They’re Linked to Cancer. They’re Everywhere Out Here.”) authoritatively states that “they kill birds.” Relatively few ...

Is San Diego Chicago west?

An outfit from Chicago that is lobbying here to sell the city of San Diego what it calls “street level mapping and asset identification” for “sidewalk assessments,” has already made some political waves in the ...

Soda, swine, ice cream & beer

Beer floats traditional and avant garde at Soda & Swine

I’ll admit it. When I heard the founders of Neighborhood, Craft & Commerce, and Underbelly were opening a place where the menu would be revolve around meatballs and apple pie, I had my doubts. Meatballs…good. ...

How San Diego Unified music programs do so much with so little

Beleaguered San Diego Unified music programs — jamming on tin whistles and plastic trombones — win a national Music Education Award. Teachers ask, "What the…?"

Thieves, scoundrels, and the RSF breakfast bunch

Up in tony Rancho Santa Fe, the county’s preserve of genteel wealth and privilege — along with a few occasional swindlers, suicide cults, and spies — takes the public interest seriously. A campaign committee called ...

Johnny Mox's nursery rhymes from hell

Nursery rhymes from hell: Johnny Mox brings us doom and dread disguised as something carefree and childish. Imagine “Row Row Row Your Boat” but recorded by the people who brought us the Blair Witch Project: ...

Charles Page is always thinking.

Chula Vista artist has a mind that won't quit, and he just "wants to make you think."

Charles Page’s head is exploding with ideas. All the time. Whenever the Chula Vista artist opens his mouth, words fly out as he tries to explain whatever notion is running through his mind at the ...

Chargers and Weiners

There’s good news for Chargers master of disaster Mark Fabiani, and though it doesn’t come from San Diego, it does bear a distinctly familiar back story. Fabiani’s old friend and favored candidate for mayor of ...

Sweetwater underwriters reel in the big one — a grand jury indictment

South Bay's bond bombshell blows big time

Sweetwater Unified underwriters indicted over a billion dollars in back-room construction bond deals. San Diego DA's office calls it the largest public corruption case they've ever prosecuted.

I Was A Rock Star, Part Two

Rocking in the rumpus room

Renée Westbrook’s Rock Reviews blog talks about the rock stardom she imagined she could achieve with little or no practice.

Skateboard Sonnet

A boy with a shaved head and a wiry girl, black ponytail trailing, flash past the window on this perfect May afternoon, Monterey a purple outline across the bay, like the slope of a thigh ...

From the “Gita-bhasya” by Ramanuja

Urged upon this compassion for mankind, God has assumed a human body so that he might be the refuge of all men; but they do not know him as He is. They consider him to ...

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