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Rowena, Playing in the Sun

God, who stirred the void and in Motion’s birth Revealed yourself; the warm limbs wake Along the dark stairways, the far eyes life to take The fixed commotion of the stars, their dim furious speed ...

All Things BBQ: Brazen BBQ

Hillcrest's barbecue of record shows what happens when 'cue gets way ahead of itself.

Barbecue has its roots in the humblest corners of the American South. The “low and slow” cooking method was developed as a way of increasing the palatability of tough, sinewy cuts of meat. ‘Cue isn’t ...

City of Carlsbad in a fight for water

Claims rights to "percolating groundwater"

City officials in Carlsbad have been on the hunt for small-scale water sources to meet demands and to supplement the existing supply. On December 5, the City of Carlsbad came one step closer to achieving ...

Coronado gets a steak house

Will replace La Terrazza

Island native David Spatafore and his cousin Leroy Mossel are on the move again. In recent years, the cousins created MooTime Creamery, Leroy's Kitchen, Village Pizzeria, Lil' Piggy's Bar-B-Q, and Coronado Coffee Company, all successful ...

Adventures in Adobada: "Tacos Coahuila"

A street cart with no name slings dope pork in the red light district.

Tijuana’s so-called “tolerance zone” has been canonized as a post-topian hive of lechers, dope fiends, harlots, swindlers, and godforsaken gringos — and all for good reason. The infamous red light district is Biff Tannen’s alternate ...

Sushi Showdown

Café Japengo's Jerry Warner participates in Japanese TV cooking challenge

“If you look at it from Japanese culture, America has more variety of chefs,” explains Jerry Warner, the executive chef in Café Japengo in La Jolla. “Over there, women are not allowed to make sushi ...

Hitchcock star wins $1.5 million for San Diego accident

Birds blamed for bringing on Tippi Hedren's headaches

Actress Tippi Hedren, whose most famous role was in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds in 1963, has won a $1.5 million case over a gallon of water that hit her on the head at San Diego's ...

UCSD computer program to ID "urban tribe" members

Only a 48 percent success rate, but work continues

Computer-science researchers at UC San Diego have announced progress in developing an algorithm that can be used to classify someone as a member of an "urban tribe" — such as a surfer, hipster, goth, or ...

Spike strip ends low-speed car chase in O.B.

Up to nine cop cars pursue, bust driver who possessed meth

A police helicopter threw its spotlight on a slow-speed car chase through Ocean Beach Friday night, December 13. As many as nine patrol cars attempted to corral a stolen Honda Civic as it weaved on ...

2013’s Best New Brewing Companies

The finest of an unprecedentedly extensive rookie class

As I did last year, I’m calling out the best new brewing operations to debut in 2013 or so late last year that they didn’t qualify for the 2012 rookie of the year race. Last ...

Tijuana taxistas chase hit-and-run driver

SUV didn't get far before yellow cabs and police blocked the vehicle

Friday the 13th didn’t work out so well for a certain taxi and its driver in the sketchy Zona Norte section of downtown Tijuana. Clientele of the local taco cart, wayward pedestrians, sidewalk prostitutes, and ...

Two cozeners get prison time

Stock market, mortgage swindlers to the slammer

John G. Rizzo was sentenced yesterday, December 16, to 30 months in prison for fraudulently hiring offshore boiler rooms to sell penny stock in software firm iTracker. Investors were not told that only 20 percent ...

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