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In the San Diego Clubs Monday–Wednesday, December 9–11

Monday 9Canada band Dinosaur Bones rattles into Soda Bar Monday night behind its latest, Shaky Dream. This is Dave Good’s Of Noted show this week, but I couldn’t not add this cut-n-pastable from Allmusic: “[Shaky ...

Imperial Beach lifeguards save life of unconscious surfer

Not breathing, no pulse…gets to “making conversation” in ER

Lifeguards in Imperial Beach used an electronic defibrillator to revive a 65-year-old bodyboarder on November 30th who lost consciousness while surfing with friends. The man, who authorities declined to identify, had gone surfing with two ...

Study on fast-food workers reveals reliance on tax dollars

Over 50% enrolled in programs such as Medicaid and food stamps

Employees of the Wendy's at 101 Broadway go on strike at noon Thursday, December 5, along with fast-food workers in 100 cities. But the strike doesn't tell the story. A study by the University of ...

Jesus Christ. At the movies?

Spoilers ahead, folks. I need to see Gravity again before I can really go after my co-critic for his dismissal of a film that actually manages to dramatize the Christian notion of being “born again” ...

Florida jury awards $1 billion to Lennar

But it doesn't expect to get the money from developer Nicolas Marsch

Giant homebuilder Lennar Corp. was awarded $1 billion yesterday (Dec. 3) by a Florida jury as compensation for defamation and conspiracy to extort money from the company. Expected to pay the $1 billion are developer ...

In the San Diego clubs Saturday & Sunday, December 7 & 8

Saturday 7Casbah and Daydream Nation host another Vinyl Junkies afternoon of quaffing and record-swapping to the tunes of special guest DJ David J (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets). And then on Saturday night, it’s San Clemente ...

Fairy shrimp likely to close a Sweetwater Reservoir trail

"Conservation is becoming a dirty word," says trail-user.

More than 150 bicyclists, hikers, and equestrians heard less than good news Tuesday night, December 3, as the general manager of the Sweetwater Authority explained that a popular trail may be closed by the U.S. ...

Ubu is the idea

Pere Ubu can and have been praised for their salvo of dark matter fired from America’s heart (their native Cleveland) starting with their first single “30 Seconds Over Tokyo” in 1975. They bring their Lady ...

Dinosaur Bones on the launch pad

Write this down: Dinosaur Bones is a band to watch. Stick a little memo on your record collection (or wherever you store music). One day, you will be glad you did. Listen to Shaky Dream, ...

Beethoven 9th

Beethoven's Ode to Joy is on this weekend

Speaking of Germans, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 is coming up this weekend at Symphony Hall. The orchestra, conductor Ken-David Masur, and the San Diego Master Chorale are all familiar entities, but what about the soloists? ...

Steak and no mistake

Ed shrieks to find he could have had the steak at Hexagone.

“Well you know you can get half-size entrées for half off the normal price during happy hour.”

Cage the Elephant gets honest with their music

Interview with Brad Shultz of Cage the Elephant, who recounts the story of his brother eating a fish taco in San Diego and his face “swelled up huge.” Not bad fish, just a clogged salivary gland. His bro “squeezed it out.” Eww, gross, amirate? LOL!

Billboard execs, Walmart continue pouring cash into mayoral race

Capitol Outdoor gives to Alvarez; retailer drops $10,000 on GOP

Retail giant Walmart, which is said to have big plans for its San Diego development portfolio, this Monday (Dec. 2) kicked in another $10,000 to the county Republican Party, according to a filing made yesterday ...

File under “Genuine”

How did the band X come to establish an annual holiday show in San Diego? This year they play the Belly Up on December 8.

Old new media

“The open-source movement and creative-commons licensing have been central to my ongoing learning and creative practice,” says computer-music grad student, educator, and do-it-yourself instrument designer Brendan Gaffney. Open-source software and creative-commons licenses offer alternative approaches ...

Los Peñasquitos Canyon, Camino Ruiz Trailhead

Hike down to a canyon floor through scrub oak “tunnels."

This is the only trail that accesses Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve from the south rim between Black Mountain Road and the West End parking lot off Sorrento Valley Blvd. Before the Camino Ruiz Trailhead was ...

DVD picks from a vault-dweller/horror geek

When I saw the Divimax release of George Romero’s Day of the Dead on the shelf, I knew that it was something special. More than simply an enhanced widescreen version of the film, this fold-out ...

70+ great ways to celebrate the holidays

All kinds of tidings.

My wife likes to say that she hates Christmas. She says it when the traditions start to feel like nothing more than obligations, when the outings become ordeals, when the expenses become extravagances. What’s awful ...

And into the Oven

Brotherly love.

The only enjoyable part of Out of the Furnace was untangling its plot loopholes on the car ride home. An ex-con (Christian Bale) with the word “fishy” tattooed across his forehead takes a road trip ...

Gah! Ugh.

Barb’s life has real meaning — without kids.

“Gah!” I grumbled at my computer screen. “What?” Of course David had to ask. You can’t sit four feet away from someone who’s grumbling at her computer screen and not ask. “Remember those funny cards ...

Infighting among East County Chaldean community

Businessman Mark Paul Arabo accused of unfairly wielding his influence

Members of San Diego County's large Chaldean community are clashing with one another in hopes of gaining power, and naming rights, to a Chaldean business community. On November 27, a group of Iraqi Christians known ...

In the San Diego clubs Thursday & Friday, December 5 & 6

Thursday 5It took buds Pete Yorn and J.D. King, both accomplished singer-songwriters, ten years to make a record together, but when they did, as the Olms, it came pretty quick. The pair reportedly sneezed out ...

Beer Touring: Legacy Brewing Company

An all-American brewery celebrating British beer styles…ironic much?

For many, it’s monuments in Washington, D.C. that put people in a patriotic mood. But for me, the son of a soldier born on an Army base, the grandson of a Navy man who served ...

Stealing bases

The award for most political bases covered so far this unusual mayoral election season must go to Michael Gelfand of Terra Vista Management, which has the lucrative city leasehold at Campland on the Bay. The ...

Fed shovels money to Wall Street, not Main Street

Central bank creates money for those who already have it.

Wall Street, with its ties to housing and the auto industry, has prospered during these years following the government bailout via “qualitative easing.” The little people? We have done terribly.

Former Charger among five suing Kansas City Chiefs

Players suffered head injuries, blame team negligence

Five former players for the Kansas City Chiefs — all of whom suffered head injuries while playing — filed a lawsuit yesterday (Dec. 3) against the team, charging management was aware of head dangers but ...

Don we now our pol apparel

Once-imprisoned super lawyer Bill Lerach, now ensconced on a lavish La Jolla estate overlooking the Pacific, didn’t come out a winner in the derby to replace fallen Democratic mayor Bob Filner. The onetime Bill Clinton ...

The hooks

Interview with 91X DJ Steve West, here since 1983, playing the “classic alternative” hits when they were new, alternative — not classic. Meanwhile, competitor FM94/9 played the same three hits every two hours on November 25. Bad FM94/9! or giving the people what they want?

Really smoking

Termed-out Republican state senator Mark Wyland, who has his eye on a Board of Equalization seat next year, picked up $5800 last week from tobacco giant Phillip Morris… When it comes to stealing, crime was ...

The Caffeinated Thinker

Hope is not a luxury.

Jewish woman blogs about terminal illness and hope.

Ku Sang

As this country rocked like a boat in Galilee’s storms, I spent the whole year not losing my belief in God alone, just doing as I could what had to be done. Laid up, sick, ...

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