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Dapper Jay’s barbershop in La Mesa – dapper but thrift store

Mid-century aesthetic in Fairmont Park

Happy housewives and Mad Men, good for business.

San Diego Sheriff’s Dept. Tests Potential Patrol Cars

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department is testing out three new patrol vehicles to replace the Ford Crown Victoria police squad car. Last week, one prototype — a Dodge Charger — could be seen driving ...

Tijuana Protesters: Keep Old Border Crossing Open

A Tijuana citizens group, Los Integrantes de la Coalición Pro Puerta México (Coalition for the Port of Mexico) met in Plaza Viva Tijuana a few days ago to petition for the permanent opening of the ...

Old Tiger, pronounced Lud-Spike

Old Tiger’s Dustin Lothspeich, hung up on Mitt’s money.

I came from punk

San Diego ska band Buck-O-Nine turns 20 years old.

Radio-free Southeast

DJ Tayari Howard launches web-based jazz-radio stations KKSD and KBLK.

Drop-Jaw Chomp

Ed unhinges his jaw and attacks a sandwich at Rubicon Deli. One of the most popular, says Caesar, is called the “Rich Boy.” (“Like a Po’ Boy, but better.”)

St. Timothy Episcopal Church

Willy Crespo, prison priest

Columnist Patrick Daugherty tries to hunt down a a Beretta M9 for sale.

Guns and Ammo Part 2

Dude, where’s my gun?

Okay, I completed my Handgun Safety Certification exam and fired 20 rounds out the front end of a Beretta M9 without injury to any living thing. Guiding me all the while was an entity I’ll ...

Soul Fires just getting warmed up

In a way, the Fire Eaters are the next generation of San Diego soul and acid jazz.

Dizzy's sculpts its new space

Jazz nightspot Dizzy’s found a new home in the showroom at San Diego Jet Ski Rentals in P.B.

Octopus Project

The octopus is an intelligent creature with some amazing abilities. It can squeeze its boneless body through tight spaces. It can crawl along the bottom of the ocean floor or suddenly switch on its built-in ...

Equine and Wine Adventures

Wine country rides in San Diego’s backcountry.

White Shoes = Free Meals?

Hobos' hot meals; patients' pot cards; kids' tough cars.

Bilbray a No-Show, Peters Appreciative at Ocean Beach Forum

Brian Bilbray, Republican candidate for the 52nd congressional district on the November 6 ballot, was a no-show at a scheduled forum hosted by the Ocean Beach Town Council on October 24. With Bilbray absent, Scott ...

Palomar Mountain: Observatory Trail

A tree-shaded trail with bucolic vistas leads to a world-class observatory.

Crazy Tree

Will you map the distance from Mia and Kerry’s place to the theater?” I called to David from the bathroom, where I was busy patting my head with wet hands to de-frizz my hair. “Why?,” ...

Head for the Hills

Presidio Hill, the “Plymouth Rock of the West” is also the “cradle of golf in San Diego.”

Two Cow Garage

Two Cow Garage is exactly the sort of pun-ish band name that one might expect to emanate from the farm country of Ohio, which is where they are from. Other pop-culture writers bag them as ...

Lou Schooler and John Schooler's dubious schemes

The fine print prevails

San Diegans wanting to entrust their money to glib securities peddlers can go to school on the Schoolers — Lou and John Schooler. Lou owns Western Financial Planning Corporation, which has been charged with running ...

Border mayors dine duty-free

It was billed as the U.S.-Mexico Border Mayors Association’s third annual “Binational Summit,” an “opportunity for mayors from across the border to…collaborate on topics that affect border communities of Mexico and the United States, and ...

Jim Grant restores public benches at Sunset Cliffs

"Neglected property becomes a target for vandalism”

Jim Grant lies low as a white City truck drives north on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. Once it’s out of sight, he picks up a hand broom and sweeps the dust from a park bench made ...

Flashy nightsticks

How much should a police flashlight cost? San Diego sheriff Bill Gore is looking for a deal to buy a total of 1800 Bayco TAC330B “nightstick tactical lights,” which retail for about $40, over three ...


Cold in the earth — and the deep snow piled above thee, Far, far, removed, cold in the dreary grave! Have I forgot, my only Love, to love thee, Severed at last by Time’s all-severing ...


Rehashed Hype The Reader falls to ever-lower depths of journalistic depravity and squalor as exemplified by Matt Potter’s hatchet job on the Romney family. Mr. Potter is lower than a snake. The first page of ...

San Diego Noir

Man/woman meets a man/woman who is no good for him/her.