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Bread & Cie by word of mouth gets into Henry’s, Whole Foods, plus Vons, Albertsons, Ralphs

Owner Charles Kaufman started in movies

Interview with Charles Kaufman, baker/founder of Bread & Cie and former film producer.

Fire at Tijuana’s Hotel Catalina

On the morning of July 3, a fire raced through a room on the top floor of Tijuana's Hotel Catalina hotel, located on the corner of 5th (Zapata) and Madero, a block away from Avenida ...

Windmill Project Begins, Opponents Don’t Stop

Photo taken over Ocotillo at 9 a.m. on June 29. Construction has begun on over 100 turbine towers, each over 400 feet tall, on Bureau of Land Management land between the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park ...

Robin Roth Gives 91X a Definite Yes

Interview with Robin Roth, the 91X music director/veteran unafraid to put on the boxing gloves.

A Star for Shotgun

Shotgun Tom Kelly looks forward to getting his star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Double Peak — San Marcos

Double your pleasure on this hike with inspiring vistas and a remarkable assortment of flowering plants.

The Nerve

"Oh no she didn’t,” I said to my screen. “What? Who?” David was seated in a chair five feet behind me. I stepped to the right of my standing desk so he could see my ...

Word Origins: "Blackmail," "Nothing to Sneeze At," and "Spitting Image"

Plus whatever happened to the Del Mar Fair's Fairest of the Fair?

Origins of “blackmail,” “nothing to sneeze at,” and “spitting image”...and whereabouts of the Del Mar Fair’s “Fairest of the Fair.”

All Men Are Giants

Party in a Mission Hills canyon

The party was on a Saturday night in Mission Hills. Celebrants were all members of the graduate school that’s part of the High Tech charter-school system that has branches in Point Loma and Chula Vista. ...

Mezzah — Arabic Tapas in El Cajon

“Iraqis love big entrées. It’s the Lebanese who like to snack on different small tapas.”

The Old Globe stages Richard III

‘NOW IS THE WINTER OF OUR DISCONTENT MADE GLORIOUS SUMMER BY THIS SON OF YORK...” Jay Whittaker screams his first entrance as Richard III with such strained ferocity you’d think his audience sat across Balboa ...

Dylan Hyde's Life Worth Imitating

Teen pop singer Dylan Hyde is partially deaf, but he’s due for surgery.

Cantautor Latino Snubs Carlos Olmeda

Singer-songwriter Carlos Olmeda showed up ahead of time to perform at the San Diego County Fair. He was told he was too late.

Original Artists Work to Restore Chicano Park Murals

Armando Nuñez is touching up a skeleton. “That first day,” he says, “I brought a half-gallon can of green bathroom paint. Everybody brought whatever they had. That’s how it was. We didn’t plan. We just ...

Gaming the System

Bridgepoint Education, the controversial private schools outfit that’s been up and down on Wall Street, was busy handing out freebies to local politicos last year, annual disclosures show. Chief among the beneficiaries was recently reelected ...

For Your Ears Only

Thursday 5All crawlers need some cheese in their nightlife diet, and Little Italy supper club Anthology will be serving up a killer block of aged cheddar when it stages “Shaken Not Stirred: The Music of ...

Lobbyists' Football

Another influence peddler with deep San Diego roots is reporting a good year thus far. Sacramento-based California Strategies and Advocacy was founded by Bob White, the onetime social director of San Diego State fraternities who ...

The NFL's Dirty Secret

The National Football Leagues’s links to organized crime enumerated.

Filner's Solid Waste Chase

Victory in the race for San Diego mayor, most inside observers predict, will come down to which candidate can raise the most money and deploy his cash most effectively. So far, GOP candidate Carl DeMaio ...

The Big Noise: The Free Speech Fight of 1912, Part Seven

The Red Queen and Hobo King come to town. Ugliness follows them.

San Diego vigilantes against free speech were an expression of the city’s character.

Caught up in the Happiness of Mates of State

Sometime in 2001, I was at a party in San Francisco when someone introduced me to Jason Hammel, one-half of the keyboards-drums duo Mates of State, which had recently moved to the Bay Area and ...

“A Letter to His Sister at the Time of Her Husband’s Death”

Let us seek for comfort where alone it may be found, let us learn a dutiful acquiescence in whatsoever proceeds from that Great Being from whom we ourselves proceeded and who being the sole Author ...

Getting Over the Hump

Dominic Carrillo had to get sick before he started his novel.

In Time of "The Breaking of Nations"

Only a man harrowing clods In a slow, silent walk With an old horse that stumbles and nods Half asleep as they stalk. Only thin smoke without flame From the heaps of couch-grass; Yet this ...


Correct Your Hubby Barbarella does a good job. However, the tone of the foie gras article (Diary of a Diva, June 28: “What the Foie?”) with what her hubby, David, states about the forced feeding ...

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