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Blue Sky Reserve is a 700 acre runner’s paradise just off Espola Road in Poway. There are no motorized vehicles and no bicycles either. It's all foot traffic.

I did the short run from the trail-head to Lake Poway and back. The signs say it is 2.2 miles out and back for a total of about 4.5. I used the Map My Run app on my phone and got a round-trip distance of 5.02. Who knows? A half mile isn’t going to make or break a training week.

There are facilities on the way to the lake which include restrooms and a densely shaded picnic site. The bathrooms were dry and clean.

I was flabbergasted. I couldn’t recall the last time I was in a public bathroom that didn’t have a dank, wet, floor.

After leaving the bathrooms of public paradise, the trail ascends rapidly toward to the lake. The damn looms overhead in dramatic fashion. I couldn’t help but think that if there were a big enough earthquake, I was screwed—from both sides. The Lake Ramona damn was visible to the north with Lake Poway immediately south.

The ascent up the hill was challenging but fun. It had a series of short switch backs that reminded me of the “Mouse Chase” roller coaster ride at the fair. The turns were slight banked and made me feel as if I was running like a hero.

Lake Poway came into view with all the glory of a pristine desert oasis. It was a still blue and sat in complete silence. I observed it and then turned to reap the reward of flying back down the hill.

To reach the reserve head north on I-15, exit Rancho Bernardo Rd and head east. Rancho Bernardo becomes Espola and the reserve is on the East side of the road.

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