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100+ Places to Go After Dark in San Diego

Nighttime to-dos

Nighttime to-dos: Speakeasies, dive bars, hipsters, art exhibitions, brewskies, craft cocktails, and more!

No Kiss-In, Lots of Chicken at Restaurant Protest

The Midway District Chick-fil-A location had a long line of customers waiting to eat when I arrived for lunch at 11:00 a.m. on August 1. It took at least one hour to get inside to ...

Maryjane's Champagne Punch

Besides 20 years of mixing cocktails — the last five at Maryjane’s — Marcos Villalobos’s résumé includes his history of working for human resources in the corporate world. “In HR I would have people come ...


Responsible Community There needs to be a part two to the story “That Could Never Happen to Me,” (July 19) because there is more than one crime with these incidents. It’s horribly unfortunate (but not ...

Fertile Ground

Campo had a post at that three-freakin’-star Michelin restaurant, and he comes back to sell tacos?

Film Festival Producer Faves

Kevin Leap, President, board of directors, San Diego Film Foundation Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!: Can’t get enough of this so-wonderfully-bad-it’s-good black-and-white 1965 Russ Meyer film about three race-car-driving go-go–clad vixens tearing across the desert and ...

Wee Hours in San Diego

Where to go when you're not ready to go home yet.

Spin Nightclub This three-story, 10,000-square-foot club in industrial Middletown stays open until 6:00 a.m. and is home to two of our most spectacular underground-bass nights. For the past year-and-a-half, Wobble Events has hosted out-of-town electronic ...

Kick Up Your Heels

Places to Go Dancing in San Diego

Shake your groove thang on dance floors from La Jolla to TJ.

Artsy Funsy

Artsy Places to Go After Dark in San Diego

San Diego's late-night art scene: Art in the Park, Drink & Draw, Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, Pasaje Rodriguez, and more.

Hip Hip ... Hooray!

Hipster Places in San Diego

SD's hipster scene: Don a pair of oversized glasses, skinny jeans, and an ironic t-shirt, then put a bird on it and head out.

Mix Masters

Places to Go for Drinks in San Diego

The Tractor Room Inspired by the barnyard speakeasies of Prohibition-era rural Chicago, the Tractor Room’s cocktails cater to those who relish poison in their potion. After all, what’s the point of ordering a $10 drink ...

Brew Ha Ha

Places to Grab a Cold One

Monkey Paw For most, laying claim to three of the most widely respected craft-beer bars in a city obsessed with artisanal suds would be enough. But not for Scot Blair. The neighborhood-watering-hole mogul behind Hamilton’s ...

Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control

Dive Bars in San Diego

Tin Can Alehouse At the Tin Can Alehouse you can see some of the coolest local and touring underground bands for $5–$7 Monday–Saturday. Or you could just wait a year and see some of those ...


Secret spots for libations

Noble Experiment 777 G Street, 619-888-4713, Passage to Noble Experiment comes via a fake wall of kegs at the back of Neighborhood, an East Village hang. This portal makes for a mood-setting kickoff to ...

Braised Lamb Shanks

Recipe by Ryan Studebaker, Executive Chef, Gingham

Interview with Chef Ryan Studebaker, at the intersection of Southern and French.

The Evolution of Avi Buffalo

“What’s in it for someone with nothing to do? What’s in it for me?” asks Avigdnor Zahner-Isenberg in the debut single of his band Avi Buffalo. Indeed, Avi Buffalo was apparently born out of times ...

Marc Intravaia Saw Jimi

Interview with guitarist Marc Intravaia, who was unimpressed with Jimi Hendrix at one time.

A raccoon family comes to live with an Ocean Beach family

But the animals choose the attic and make a proper mess of it

The raccoon noise at the Maggards’ Narragansett Avenue apartment in Ocean Beach began in early May. They were often awakened around three in the morning to a racket above their bedroom. At first, they thought ...

The Bulldog

Mothers are known to think their daughters-in-law are evil, but I’m pretty sure they don’t go saying it to their faces. Especially mothers-in-law like mine: pre–Civil Rights era women who are always striving to keep ...

What Summer Slump?

Thursday 2Indie band du jour? Man, non, indie band du nuit! You come across the word “autumnal” a lot when reading about Jersey boys Real Estate. Moody but never morose, they’re more of a summer-nights ...

Flies on Urinals and Their Other Dirty Habits

Yo Matt,Why do so many urinals have stickers of flies in them? Although I don’t see them everywhere, I have been seeing them more frequently over the past couple years. And while we’re sort of ...

Natural Foodies

Prop 37 would require labeling of food made from genetically modified ingredients.

Dax Riggs Redefines Dax Riggs

Dax Riggs used to front a Louisiana sludge-metal band in the ’90s called Acid Bath. From then to now, I don’t think he’s changed all that much. Riggs might disagree, but I still hear the ...

Low Pay, High Peril

Public television station KPBS, owned and operated by San Diego State University, is looking for a new reporter for its Mexican-border beat, according to a recent posting on the website of SDSU’s Research Foundation. According ...

Hail to the Chief Storyteller

Your Résumé Should be a Story, Not a List

Kim Mohiuddin, of Movin’ On Up Resumes, says it’s your storytelling that could land you the job. I see that you call yourself Chief Career Storyteller of your company. What does that mean? I help ...

Screw U: The Next Bubble May Be Higher Education

In economics, a bubble is something that trades at prices far beyond its intrinsic value. Fasten your seat belt: the next bubble may be higher education. The $1 trillion of student debt is clearly a ...

Buy Chicken, Enjoy Kiss-In at Restaurant in Midway District

Chick-fil-A, the low-key fast food restaurant located at 3570 Sports Arena Boulevard, may get some undesired attention on Wednesday, August 1. Gay-marriage proponents, upset over the stance that Chick-fil-A CEO Dan T. Cathy took on ...

Testing the O's

In the testing kitchen: cereals shaped like O’s and hugs.

Bad Debts to Self

Democratic state senator Juan Vargas, whom many regard as a virtual shoo-in for Congress after his victory last month over ex–state senator Denise Ducheny, a fellow Democrat, still has a few major bills outstanding from ...

Yun'er's Bell

Yun’er’s Bell The first month, Early auspicious, Dinghai day I, Yun’er, the younger son of King Kang of Xu, chose these Auspicious Metals to cast myself a harmonious bell: Endlessly peal and toll! Primally call ...

A Sunday Morning After a Saturday Night

She’s so happy, this girl, she’s sending out sparks like a brush fire, so lit with life her eyes could beam airplanes through fog, so warm with his loving we could blacken our toast on ...

New Beginning

In debt to the homeless.

An ex-felon feels fortunate to work with the homeless.