So, after taking yesterday off, I come into work and get involved in a very strange conversation with two of the women at work. I have known them for years, and we have talked about the strangest things. They are black, I am white, and its all good. (I mention their race because I am setting the scene. So bare with me).

One of them claims that someone used a cellphone with a camera and took a picture, under her skirt, and put it up on a website, my space I think, for all to see. This just happened two days ago, and she's trying to get hold of myspace to get it taken down. Well, being a guy, I had to ask the most obvious question; "How do you know that's your butt in the picture?"

Now, as it happens to be, she is pretty hot looking. Across between Whintey Houston (in her 80s prime) and Miriah Carrey. So, she logs on to the computer and takes me to the website. Now, there I am, with this other chic as well, and we're looking at a panty clad butt. It was a very awkward scene. I'm suppose to stare at this butt on the computer and agree with her that..its her butt?

The point is; she really thought it was. She wants to take myspace to court for letting this view of her butt be spread across the internet, and yet she has no problem spreading the image of her butt to make her point. Huh???

I mean, if it were reversed, and it was a picture of my penis dangling for everyone to see, would I be so upset about it? Heck, what if it wasn't mine, and it was one of thos supersized ones? Would I complain about it then? I would just see how many 'hits' the website got and be proud.

So I told her; Lilly, whether or not its your butt shouldn't matter. There are people starving for food all over this world and we're discussing your butt. Have perspective!

As of 11am today, the pic has been removed. I did manage to print it from my own computer; you know. Just incase she needs the evidence.



PistolPete Jan. 21, 2010 @ 1:33 p.m.

You must work with some pretty stupid women.


RobertScorpio Jan. 21, 2010 @ 4:19 p.m.

the lights don't go all the way to the top; if thats what you mean...



erictx10 Jan. 22, 2010 @ 7:56 a.m.

Tell her to forget about it - no one will recognize her ass. I take pics like that all the time, coming up the escalator out of the subway is the best spot. They never notice. I share 'em online with "friends".


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