"Wenn Schon--Denn Schon" (German for "If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing!)

"Wenn Schon--Denn Schon"...my new outlook on life.

For if it's worth doing, just put that effort into Warp 5.

My weight loss and life changes have gone into hyper-drive,

and Captain Picard just ordered "phaser batteries released!"

(Navy term on a battleship to fire the main gun turrets, FYI))

I'm now off the market--and Pam is now Pam Bierstedt-Johnston--

married common-law style, with the rings coming soon.

I found the woman of my heart--and lost 145 lbs of weight, to boot.

My heart and soul are healing now, and my body is not far behind.

Everybody here is happy for me--plus I'm smiling inside now.

When I walk now, I go farther and wheeze far much less.

A hot shower is a treat after every after-meal stroll,

and the smell of clean clothes is the smell of success!

I'h happy in love--FINALLY--and my body is lighter and buff.

No Six-Pack Abs...I don't need such frivolity anyway.

I look for to growing old with the woman I love so very much.

Took the bull by the horns--and now I have become the bull!

She's my Alpha She-Wolf--I'm her Teddy Bear Project...

and the both of us look forward to the future God has planned.

So, understand--the "Wasted Years" were not really a waste,

especially when God smiled, and Fate took a hand!



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