"In the cool, cool, cool of the morning/ that's when I'm coming home!" --Krokus, from "Stay Awake All Night"

Grumble, grumble, (foul scatalogical oath in German), stretch, yawn.

That's how my day began at 05:57am. Flipped on the light, rummaged in my fridge for a bottle of ice water (drank it in three pulls), slipped my jeans on--welcome to a new day (as Fresno's Y-94FM so puts it after midnight).

Flipped on my new crock pot with tonight's dinner inside (Spareribs with sauerkraut in a beer broth), then switched on KNX-Los Angeles to catch the overnight news. I then remembered that today is trash day--as in all three of my apartment's trash containers (food scraps and kitchen waste ,bathroom waste (non-flushable), andv office refuse) are to be taken to the Dumpster and sent on their way.

I grabbed a stray shopping cart out of the "parking area," brought it to my apartment, and did three runs to our Dumpster Station. Somebody shoved a couch into the left Dumpster--naughty, naughty (you have to break up any discarded furniture before Dumpsterizing them...provide your own tools, btw). All three trash loads got dumped into the Dumpster (save the cans, they went into one of the recyling bins), the cart returned to the parking area, and my trash recepticles got a spraty down of disinfectant and roach spray, plus a dusting of boric acid powder, before being replaced.

Now I am here on line, checking the overnight e-mails before coming over to write a pair of threads for this week (including a recepie). Not much going on the in ether-world, need to e-mail my dad this afternoon to let him know "the thing that should not be" didn't get me. I also checked the baseball scores...Pads took out Seattle, while the Angels took down the Dodgers. San Diego is back in first by one game!

Now here I am at our favorite blogsite. I check out the offering by antigeekess about the discount for older animals at the County Shelters. An indoor cat might bring a bit of much needed joy into my life. Something to think about.

I then begin my blog thread--and here we are! It is now 06:56am. Today's plans mainly deal with a "field day" (meaning giving the apartment a cleaning), watching some movies ("Why We Fight" is on the viewing schedule, as is "Battle Ground: The North Atlantic" and "The Great WWI"--all documentaries), brunch at 10am (turkey burgers on the grill with cheese), and perhaps a siesta after 2pm.

Well, that's about it on this thread. Have to get the recepie thread written, then write an e-mail to Dad.


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CuddleFish June 13, 2010 @ 8:27 a.m.

Thanks for sharing that, RobbieBear, I love reading your blog. :) What an amazing cook you are. And a good all round housekeeper as well.

I have a similar schedule to yours today, take out the trash and recycling, breakfast, wash three loads of laundry, give my house a bit of a cleaning, in preparation for the week. I can do this because my gran is off with her nephew for the weekend.

Sounds like you will have a lovely lunch and dinner, enjoy! And I look forward to reading your recipe!!! :)


Robert Johnston June 21, 2010 @ 5:21 p.m.

Thanks, nan & CF--your kind words mean a lot to me.

PISTOL PETE SIGHTING: Guess where P.P. is now blogging? That's right--in the San Diego City Beat's blog section! Calls himself "Pistelero Pete" now, but still just as acidic and anti-social as ever!

The more things change.... --LPR


CuddleFish June 21, 2010 @ 5:54 p.m.

CityBeat can have him, with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

It's always a pleasure to read your blog posts, RobbieBear. I know sometimes you post and the post gets pushed off the home page by others before anyone gets to read or comment, but, unlike another poster here, you don't complain that all the attention isn't on you, you just quietly keep writing and posting when you have something interesting to share.

Thanks! :)


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