"Stand and fight--say what you feel. Born with a Heart of Steel." --Manowar from "Heart of Steel" on KINGS OF METAL

Woke up this morning to a wet street--

the air is crisp and cool to my skin.

The soft breeze wicks away the sweat

that had been tormenting me in my sleep,

burning worse than the foulest Vitriol.

Run the trash out--a Dumpster's feast today.

Come back in, disinfect, and hit with boric acid.

Sit down, fire up the Lenovo and the AOL.

See that I have spam up Hormel's butt again...

a few keystrokes send it to Ether Hell!

Check the online news, then head over here,

home to my buddies on the Reader site.

Mark which blogsites I will check out...

D. Bauder is a good source for SD shenannigans,

Let's see who else might pique my interest.

I check out nan's site...GRUSS GOTT AUF KRIEGEN!

Another site is going away from us...forever.

I feel my heart and soul become that much heavier,

knowing yet another Reader blogger is gone,

the sadness heavier because she did will it so.

Yet, I know why this sometimes comes to be.

That is why seeing them go hurts even more.

One less voice on this site to share of themselves--

Well, some of the departed earned their blockage...

but many more of them, I do wonder why it is so?

Pain has many properties in our lives--

Some say it is weakness leaving the body,

some say it lets you know you still live,

other say it reminds you to be more careful...

a few don't want to hear the message, and 4:20.

Without pain, however, we cannot survive here.

And most of it is temporary, a minute-or-two

of unpleasantness, then it is gone for good.

Lingering pain is the worst, but it's gone too...

with all pain banished only when we join the dead.

So, I raise a toast to nanners and the others,

wishing them well to survive and succeed.

As for me, I'll still be writing my threads here.

You guys are my ether-buddies, after all--

and sharing with you drives away the pain.



CuddleFish July 7, 2010 @ 10:11 a.m.

Wonderful blog thread, RobbieBear. Thanks for reminding us that "at least when you feel pain, it lets you know that you're alive."

The Reader is going through a difficult transition, made harder by those too stubborn to see where they have gone wrong and forcing everyone to suffer for their stubbornness. It seems we all have to pay for a few who crossed the line.

I am hoping to persuade nan not to leave us. I think she won't, in the end. Like you, and me, she likes being in our company, this little community we have created. It's like any neighborhood, people have to learn to live with the neighbors, and that means compromise.



nan shartel July 7, 2010 @ 2:32 p.m.

hey babe...thx millions...this is some poetic prose..with the keyboard tapping out the tympani...i wanted u to show ur poetic talent and u did...right on the money!!!

i really thought about ur comment about the whole blog network here disappearing into cyberspace...it was a chilling thought!!

u me..refried grasca..cuddles..SD...auntie G and many others.... and especially D Bauder deserve better!!!

i'm in POLITICS 101 with him~~and of course there r our picnics in the "100 acre woods"..that rascal still hasn't sown Eeyore tail back on...dang him!!~~

some of u write so well u just can't be allowed to lose this whole blog site because of a fitful few

the War GODS will have to go elsewhere if that is the conclusion of this bad behavior!!

segnen Sie Sie LPR for ur openess here today



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