Here at Santa Fe House, one of the rules is that you have to get your laundry done at least 1xweek. So, on Weds. and/or Thursdays, I load up my chair-walker with:

1) My Laptop Computer (HP 2000) and peripherals in soft-case bag, along with a clipboard, paper, and pens

2) Two plastic trash bags of "needs washing" clothing (the bags are best for keeping the "BO Stench" out of my room)

3) Wal-Mart Freezer bag with drinks, mixes, and butt-wipe (we have to bring our own when going from house-to-house)

4) BBQ/Soya sauce to use with lunch (I take my lunch down at North House when I do laundry, because this is where the machines are. The meals can be a little on the bland side).

I try to get here at 09:15-10:00 (9:15-10am) to ensure I can "clear out" by 17:00 (5pm), as per the House Manager's standing orders. We are provided soap (powdered, usually Surf) and bleach, but have to bring our own dryer sheets (I don't use them, anyway). While I'm doing my two loads, I can access the Wi-Fi system here (included in our rent, BTW), so I can check my e-mails and keep in touch with you folks (and my fans on The Huffington Post).

I also can check out what's on TV (I'm watching the 2012 Euro-Cup semi-final between the German ("Der Schwartz-Alderen...The Black Eagles") and Italian ("Il Azzuri--The Blues") national teams (Italy leads 2-0, winner plays Spain's "El Caminos"...The the finals)). It's a communal TV, so you have to warn off anybody who tries to change the channel on you without asking (bad form, anyway).

Once the laundry is finished, I bag it up. When both loads are done, I log off, repack everything, strap it all down (I use 3 old clip-type wide suspender straps, two vertical, one horizontal), re-attach the "outriggers (foot rests, provides counterweight balance) and head back to my room (an uphill climb, but worth it).

Once there, everything goes back into place (undies, socks, and washcloths in drawers, all others on hangers). Then I take a hot shower, moisturize, and slip on some clean clothes (which I put on my bed after I put away the rest). Nothing like freshly-laundered gear (and a freshly washed/moisturized bod) to set things right.

My sneakers I usually hang on the "drying tree" (a four-sided clothesline frame) each evening after dinner. This clears out the bugs that cause "bromadosis" (foot odor, or as Frank Zappa called it: "STINKFOOT!"), which keeps my room from smelling bad.

It's worth the time I put in--I have a finite supply of clothes, after all. Better to clean them once a week than to smell bad enough to put an abbitior to shame!



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