August 25th, 2011--

they do not hold out much hope for me.

My CHF is going heavy-duty,

and I've got pulmonary edema, to boot.

Looks like Death will be coming for me, after all.

October 25th, 2011--

At the Vista Transit Center.

I have somebody call 911 for me...

my lungs and heart are finally giving out.

They take me to Tri-City for another round

of Lasix, heparin, and a wing and a prayer.

Mike tells me that I'm not going to make it.

That tears it...sod that Serbian swine!

I chop back my food intake and give up

my favorite drink--diet colas.

I then begin to notice the transformation.

June, 2012--

I go in to see Doc Boquin, the Azzmunch from Buenos Aries.

He checks me over, and sees that my weight has crashed.

Once at 380lbs, I now weigh in at 307 lbs...amazing!

Talk about shocked city--Doc is patently giddy about my lost weight.

He says I'm recovering rather nicely, for a man with CHF.

August 2012--

Go shopping at Wally World for some new jeans.

Find some Size 50's, try them on and Viola!

I can now convert my sweatpants into cutoff shorts.

I get three pair (two black, one blue) for about $35.00

Plus, my shirt size has shrunk to 2XL--XL by mid-October!

To quote the bad guy in the Sinistar Game: "BEWARE--I LIVE!"

140 lbs down, and much more that's coming off very soon.

Life is worth living, this much is what I can understand.

Now if only we can get through this heat wave in one piece,

I daresay that this old boy will see another Happy New Year!


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