You know what pisses me off? People who don't blog but who comment on blogs. That is the equivalent of paying someone to sleep for you. Disher-outers who can't take it is what I think of them. And I'm thinking it here, on my blog.

Now watch the blogmenters (bloggers plus commenters, see? I can make more shit up than you can!) have a field day on this. I have news for you...

I blog, you comment. I'm Batman and you're Robin. Yes, we're both laughable, over-the-top people with too much time on our hands and too much so say. But the difference is that I make things happen, other people watch things happen and you blogmenters wonder what happened.

Lookey! I can has blog comment. Do me a favor. Go make love with yourselves (that's how you have to say that on this blogosphere). You know what it means, don't you?

While we're at it do you know what irony is? How about parody? Now here's the really hard one: Satire.

No, that's not something you all just seed on a truck.

How about soap? Do you know what soap is?

You can now has blogment!


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