Parents, community members and tax payers, don't forget about the COMMUNITY FORUM to be held this Thursday, November 8th at 7pm at Eastlake High School. It will be held with Sweewater UHSD Superintendent Ed Brand and other district leadership, and will revolve around the issues of MELLO ROOS AND THE OPEN BOUNDARIES POLICY CHANGE that has allowed students within the district to attend any school, and has created numerous overcrowding and student service issues at the receiving schools.

The district will be taking questions and providing answers on these two very important topics, so spread the word to your neighbors, and come prepared to ask the district leadership questions you may have on how they are spending our MELLO ROOS taxes and how and why they changed the OPEN BOUNDARY policy and the impacts this has created.


THALO86 Nov. 8, 2012 @ 12:14 p.m.

Hi! Where in Eastlake High School will the meeting be held?


bvagency Nov. 8, 2012 @ 4:30 p.m.

It will be at the performing arts center.


anniej Nov. 9, 2012 @ 10:44 a.m.

well, we came, we listened - AND?

AND? we did not learn a darn thing. brand did what he does best, pontificated. attempted to draw comparisons to driving down roads and apartment buildings? think you are confused, you should have been there. and YES every single homeowner on the east side should have made an attempt to be there.

as one neighbor in the back row stated "why can't you answer our questions with facts, we came prepared, why aren't you?"

bertha lopez was there - she sat there for awhile listening and then joined those with questions/comments and stood up - basically agreed that we, the taxpayers, who own this district are not being given the answers we so rightfully deserve. she continues to fight for our students, fight for we taxpayers ALONE. one amongst 5.

john mccann, "little man who wants to be king" was seen AT THE END OF THE MEETING, hiding in the back - it was stated that he slid in towards the end. i find it interesting that he lives on the east side but neither he or jim cartmill (who also lives out there) were not interested enough or brave enough to show up and help explain their endorsement of brand or his decisions. let us not forget it was john mccann, jim cartmill, and indicted arlie ricasa who sat there in october and sang praises of all that brand has done for us - right before giving him one of the most absurd richest contracts in the nation.

bottom line folks - you have a hell of alot of money sitting in that mello account, and little if any is being used for your childrens schools.



Jmbrickley Nov. 9, 2012 @ 8:35 p.m.

I came away from the community forum with the feeling that the residents of the CFDs are not satisfied with the responses given by the SUHSD admin. I also have the feeling that the SUHSD admin. really don't care what the community thinks.

Until the State of California sends the money owed the school district, the Mello-Roos Fund will be the go-to Fund to keep the district afloat. The only problem with that is that the district is borrowing the money from the CFD fund and will only be paying just over .5% interest. In the meantime, construction costs are going up A LOT faster, so the Mello-Roos monies won't go as far when the district finally sees fit to move forward with new school construction. Right now, the district is abusing the homeowners in the CFDs to pay for costs that are district wide.

There are no plans to recapture any funds if the iPads don't live up to the 5 year service life, in violation of M-R law, no plans to return any monies mis-spent, and no plans to spend the M-R Funds anytime soon on the very purpose for which they were collected.

Our Mello-Roos Funds are definitely being mismanaged by Sweetwater Union High School District.


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