A group of parents met with Superintendent Ed Brand on Friday afternoon to discuss the long awaited and planned, and thrice cancelled, community forum with parents and community members on the districts' use of Mello Roos and open boundaries.

The meeting has been scheduled for Thursday November 8 at 7pm at Eastlake High School.

With Brand at the meeting were members of his cabinet, including Interim Chief Financial Officer Rick Knott and Chief Facilities Officer Thomas Calhoun, interim Grants and Communications Director Manuel Rubio, and Board President Pearl Quinones and Trustee Bertha Lopez.

The district used part of this meeting to explain their use of Mello Roos and to answer questions regarding the budget and Mello Roos fund asked by a parent during last Mondays board meeting.

The parents asked that the district use robo calls and emails to all district families to get the word out. They also asked that numerous documents be made available on the district web site one week prior to the meeting, so parents and community members have an opportunity to review them well before the meeting. These documents include the districts specific use of Mello Roos over the last three years, including improvements made to district schools in the Mello Roos areas, formulas used to determine how Mello Roos funds are distributed, and other specific documents. On

On open boundaries, the parents asked for Superintendent Brand to justify his decision to open the districts boundaries and allow students to attend any school within the district. They also asked for enrollment figures, master plans, and other information to review and discuss overcrowding that has been caused at numerous district schools.

Ed Brand advised the parents that this will be the first of numerous meetings he will hold throughout the district in an effort to improve the districts communication with parents and community members on topics of importance.


eastlaker Oct. 22, 2012 @ 9:42 a.m.

Will Ed Brand actually show up? If he shows up, will he really answer questions, or will there be many layers of protection between him and public input?

I have great respect for those members of the community who are working very hard to get Brand cornered long enough to actually "come clean" on all the issues he has been side-stepping for so long.

My honest opinion is that some combination of the following will happen: 1) Brand will be "called away on official business" and unable to attend; 2) the community members will be given the option of meeting with a select group of Brand's underlings, who will then respond to most of the questions by saying that isn't their area of expertise; 3) the pledge of numerous meetings will not quite pan out.

Why should any of us trust or believe in a word Ed Brand says? The man is patently dishonest. Does he think we have forgotten that not-so-little trick of resigning in secret? Or how about the trick of saying he would work for free for the month of September? Except that was when he "resigned"? Ed "Duplicitous" Brand, the man whose word means absolutely nothing.


anniej Oct. 30, 2012 @ 6:29 p.m.

eastlaker: many are looking forward to the elections and the upcoming trials.

hopefully the voters will turn out in force to remove quinones from office. George Cameron, the logical choice for her seat. He has a reputation of being a man who is all about integrity. His ONLY motive for running, the students - wow, how refreshing is that.

regarding the trials, doubt that quinones or ricasa are dumb enough to take these indictments to trial - truth be told i just want them both gone - OUTTA HERE.

oh how refreshing it will be to sit in the board room and see not one but two board members who refuse to accept the questionable votes of john mccann or jim cartmill. wouldn't i love to be a fly on the wall when Cameron meets with brand and brand tries to sell some of his money making, ego building schemes.

CHANGE IS COMING - but it will take your vote!!!!!!!!!!!!

regarding quinones and the sweetwater homecoming issue - some one needs to tell pearl her run for homecoming queen passed many moons ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her plot to be seen as a politician of integrity is hard to swallow. can she just go AWAY, perhaps take some time to educate herself so she will be able to vote responsibly in future elections.

the students of the sweetwater district deserve far better.................. as do their taxpaying parents.


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