So how is traffic, transportation, food service, safety and class size in your child's middle or high school? If you don't know - you should find out. The District decided to open boundaries this year, meaning your child can go to any school in the district. As a result, an exodus of students have transferred into a few schools causing the above noted problems. What are your thoughts on this and is it impacting you and your child? On the Mello Roos, if you live in a Mello Roos district, did you know this tax was recently raised by 2% by the District? Yes, they have the authority to do that. They also used this tax to buy IPads for all 7th graders in the District, and are apparently using it to pay the Districts operating expenses. You ask - can they do that? Well, Mello Roos are supposed to be used for infrastructure, parks, schools, etc in the community that is taxed and it must have a useful life of 5 years or more. Last time I checked iPads and operating expenses don't fit this criteria. If these things concern you, be heard! There will be a meeting at Eastlake High School in the near future with District leadership to discuss these issues. Stay tuned.


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