The community meeting with Dr. Ed Brand is now confirmed. It will be held this Thursday August 30th at 7pm at the Eastlake High School Performing Arts Center. If you are a parent, taxpayer and/or community member of the District, we encourage you to attend. This will be an opportunity to discuss various topics of concern in our community. These include the impact of open boundaries within the District and the use of Mello Roos tax by the District. Did you know that students can transfer to any school in the district now? This has caused numerous impacts at various schools which includes overcrowded classes, heavy traffic, lack of adequate transportation, food service issues, and others. As a result of this decision, there now appears to be an imbalance in attendance at numerous schools. If this concerns you, this meeting is your opportunity to express it to the Superintendent. Do you know what the Mello Roos tax is and how the District uses it? If you don't, now is your chance to find out. We are aware that the District used this tax, which is paid by approximately 26% of the residents within the District, for the purchase of IPads for all students in the District. It also appears the District is using this tax to pay its operating expenses. If you are concerned about this, this meeting is your chance to express this concern. Hope to see you this Thursday!


SUHSD Aug. 29, 2012 @ 9:18 a.m.

There has been discussion of holding a public forum to talk about Mello-Roos funds and the Intra-district Transfer policy.

However, notices of a meeting at Eastlake High School on Thursday, Aug. 30 are premature. Such a meeting with Superintendent Dr. Ed Brand has yet to be confirmed. Meeting arrangements are still being determined.

As we continue to work on scheduling a meeting, we will also work on providing information to the public on the matters of concern.

Once a meeting has been confirmed with the Superintendent, we look forward to working with the community on getting the word out.


bvagency Aug. 29, 2012 @ 6:12 p.m.

Unfortunately Superintendent Ed Brand felt the agenda and format of our community meeting had not been finalized, so he decided not to move forward with the meeting this Thursday August 30th at 7pm. We disagree and feel we should have moved forward with our meeting. Irregardless, he has committed to meeting with our community in mid September to discuss our concerns of open boundaries and how our mello roos funds are being spent by the district. Stay tuned as once we finalize a format, agenda, date, time and location we will let you know.


anniej Aug. 29, 2012 @ 9:05 p.m.

bvagency: 'had not been finalized?' or did not meet HIS expectations?

this is yet ANOTHER reason why the search for a new superintendent should begin IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!

correct me if i am wrong, but i could have sworn our tax dollars are what runs this district.

EASTLAKE HAS A PARKING LOT RIGHT???????? so why not hold our own meeting?


bvagency Aug. 30, 2012 @ 7:10 a.m.

The public meeting with other concerned citizens, neighbors and taxpayers (no Superintendent) is set for Thursday, August 30 at 7:00pm in the Otay Ranch Mall Food Court. Topics: Mello-Roos, Open Boundaries/Overcrowding/impacts     Hello Concerned Parents and neighbors/taxpayers,   As of this morning, our SUHSD Superintendent, Dr. Ed Brand, will not be attending the Public Meeting. Unfortunately, the Performing Arts Center cannot to be used for our meeting.  So, we are hoping that you will come and speak with us at the Otay Ranch Mall Food Court (same time Thursday 7pm) so that we can begin documenting impacts from this Open Boundaries policy change and concerns over the use of our Mello-Roos funds.    If you cannot make this meeting, please send Wanda an email with your name, email address, phone number, neighborhood school and a few sentences about the impact that you have experienced from the Open Boundary Policy and/or your concerns about how your Mello-Roos is used in this district.   We BELIEVE these issues are affecting the students across the district and we would like to present specific points. The board and superintendent don’t believe there are any issues resulting from their recent policy decisions.  Let’s give them the true story and document the impacts.   Dr. Brand has agreed to a community meeting in the second week of September. Once we have a firm date, time, location and agenda we will advise you. He has also agreed to allow small groups of parents to tour our respective schools so we can see firsthand his perspective that there are no issues. Your child must attend the school to tour it, so let us know if you are interested. The schools are Eastlake Middle and High, Bonita Middle and High, Otay Ranch High and Rancho Del Rey Middle. If your child attends one of these schools and you would like to tour it during the school day, let us know immediately.   If you would like to be listed as a concerned parent, please ADD your name and school to our list at: If you are unable to add your name there, please respond with your name to me and we will add your names     Check out the issues on Facebook SAFEGUARDING EDUCATION IN CHULA VISTA at   Check out Twitter: William Richter @wrichter00    


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