A parent involved in organizing the Community Forum on Mello Roos and Open Boundaries, to be held on Nov 8th at 7pm at Eastlake High School, sent the following email to Ed Brand:

Mr. Brand,

I would like to follow up and confirm our community forum. As you know, we agreed on November 8 at 7pm at Eastlake High School.

You had agreed to make numerous documents on Mello Roos and Open Boundaries available on the district web site one week before the meeting. We are a little over a week away, and we expect you will be true to your word.

We also discussed a format and agenda we had previously agreed to as follows:

7:00 - 7:10pm - Opening remarks by district and introduction of guests 7:10 - 7:20- districts presentation on Mello Roos, history, CFD's, and other pertinent information 7:20 -8:00 - open session where questions are asked by the public on Mello Roos and the district answers 8:00-8:10 - break 8:10-8:20 - districts presentation on their Open Boundaries Policy change 8:20-8:55 - open session where questions are asked by the public 8:55-9:00 - closing remarks

Jim Esterbrook will facilitate the meeting by helping us stay on topic and holding the district accountable to answer questions asked.

It would appear that a few important people in the district are not aware of the meeting. A parent called Eastlake High School about the meeting, and she was told the school was not aware of the meeting and should call the district office. Another parent called the district office and was told there was no information or knowledge of this meeting.

It has been two weeks since our meeting where the forum was agreed to. I would expect interested stakeholders, including the school and staff where the forum will take place and your own central office, would be aware.

You also agreed to post the meeting information on the district web site, and to robo call district parents to advise them. Please stick to your agreement and have this information completed as agreed. I would appreciate you posting the information on the district site now, and the robo call to go out next Monday.

You also stated this forum was one of many you would hold throughout the district to address district issues, which seem to be mounting daily. I am sure parents and community members from other areas of the district will look forward to these forums.

If you need additional details of our meeting, i recorded it and can gladly provide you with a reminder of points you agreed to.


eastlaker Oct. 31, 2012 @ 1:17 p.m.

I just checked the Sweetwater school district website, and not only could I not find any reference to this meeting, but the puff piece on the Chula Vista HS teacher who is in custody for sex offenses is still up.

My guess is that there is no follow-through for this meeting, because they don't really intend to have the meeting.

Or, if there is no publicity/announcements of any kind, and 10 people show up, the district will say the public is ok with 'business as usual'.

Meanwhile, Pearl Quinones smiles and waves to the public at a football homecoming parade, pretending that all is well.

Can we just pronounce that Sweetwater is a charade of a school district, and that Ed Brand isn't doing one thing except cashing his paychecks, and trying to install more of his friends in comfy positions.

What a crying shame there are so many students in need of good educations who are being failed here.


SurfPuppy619 Nov. 3, 2012 @ 10:01 a.m.

The is a CVHS teacher in custody for sex offenses??? Against students or non studentds??


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