It's Halloween night! And it was a cool autumn night at the harvest festival at Christian Fellowship Church, which is just around the corner from my house in Serra Mesa.

This is the second year my family and I have gone to the festival organized by local churches It’s free, fun and the perfect way to end a night of trick or treating.

My little sisters and I went trick or treating early cause it's a school night. We noticed fewer homes with their lights on this year; fewer people giving out candy. Our lights were turned off also. Sign of the times.

My dad spent the morning taking a digitial photography class that he says will help him find work. My mother, sisters, my brother and I walked to church. Father Mario thanked me for the article my father and I worked on about his life. Dad came just in time to take us back home and went back to his class.

We waited til 6 p.m. to go trick or treating. I made my own costume and went dressed as a fairy godmother. My sisters dressed as an angel and devil. My brother would have come but he went trick or treating with his friends in San Carlos near Patrick Henry, where we both go. Even at a wealthier neighborhood my brother got a potato since one home didn't have candy. My brother also made his own ghost costume by cutting holes in a white sheet .

My family still gave out a little candy. My grandma sent us a package full of Halloween peppermint candy that we ended up giving away.

The best part of the night was the Harvest Festival. It was free and so were the meals. Free hot dogs, nachos, and soda. There was free candy any time you won a game. One booth was even giving out free fish!

Dad joined us late and took pictures.

Before we left I took my chances on the cake walk. I figured there were three of us and at least one of us had to win. I won and my sisters helped me pick a plate of chocolate cupcakes.

It was a good night. We didn't have to cook or anything when we got home cause were full of candy and hot dogs. It was a day of giving and receiving and being thankful for being in such a great neighborhood.

Almost forgot, our neighbor across the street, Joann, gave us chocolate nut caramel apples and this was before all the trick or treating started. We felt special. She wasn't wearing a costume but she was an angel!

-Bianca Sanchez and Leonel Sanchez-

Halloween night in Serra Mesa/Mission Village



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