Patrick Henry High School had a pep rally and Halloween costume day on Friday. I went as myself. It was also the day of the homecoming game. My older brother went and left early cause our team was gettint trounced. Me? I was going to stay home. I didn’t want to go to my little sisters' Halloween carnival at Juarez. Elementary. But my dad had to do work so he gave his ticket to me. And so I went.

When I first got there I noticed there weren’t many cars parked, I expected there were going to be as many cars as when the Chargers play at Qualcomm. When I went inside I smelled the scent of cookies and candy and it made me feel like I went through a time warp.

I remembered when I went to Juarez. I saw little kids running around in their costumes; most popular costumes were angels, devils, zombies and surprisingly geeks. There were costume contests and raffles. Even though I got promoted from elementary years ago I still found it fun to play games like a little kid no matter what height I am.

The funniest thing was how a couple of minutes before me and my sisters and mom were about to leave they were doing their last raffle. The woman called out two names that she picked out and both kids already left so she picked out one last name. It turned out it was me.

I went up there and grabbed my prize with my sister Sofia right behind me. All the little kids and teachers looked at me weird knowing that there was no way that I went to school there. Also I got lucky again when I went to the bake sale stand and the woman who was selling the cookies decided to give me a lot of cookies because she was closing up.

It is really funny how fate works; I had a lot of fun at the carnival. Next year will be another homecoming and tomorrow I can stay home and get to sleep, but this was the first time Juarez had a Halloween carnival in a long time. Even when I was there more than five years ago they didn’t have anything like that. So I needed to take advantage of this opportunity and spend time with my family. Today was a good day.

-Bianca Sanchez- My first school:



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