Four months ago I realized that I needed to get a job. I know I’m still young, but I knew that I really needed the money so I could get new clothes. I first tried surveys which only got me two dollars and spam. Then once I gave up on that, I thought making jewelry would be a good idea and I could easily sell it for a cheap price, but every time I showed my friends the jewelry I made all of them said ‘they don’t have any money’. Even though a couple hours later I would see them pull out a couple dollars they had hidden in their pockets.

So I decided more people like sweets, I tried selling cookies but again ‘nobody had any money’. I gave up and my sisters said that they could sell it at their elementary school. I laughed since I didn’t believe that eight year olds would carry wallets in their lunchboxes. But to my surprise my sisters sold over 5 packages of cookies and only gave me less than half the profit.

I felt very down on my luck by then. I tried to think of any jobs that would hire someone young. I’ve known ever since my family and I have moved to the Serra mesa area that there aren’t many shops or jobs around here. It’s more of a suburban area. The closest store by me is CVS, which I doubted would hire me. Then there was the chance that I could be hired for babysitting since in my neighborhood there are a lot of little kids. But I found out to be a babysitter I might need some training, and I’m trying to make money, not spend any.

But one day my sister, who also likes to write, was looking for contests or jobs that could let her write for money. I typed ‘writing contest’ and I found one site that would pay $200 if they chose your story. I quickly forgot about my sister and I started to take advantage of this contest. I spent weeks working on one story that I knew would win over the editors of the contest. When I was finished I was very proud of myself. The one thing that I forgot to do is to look at the guidelines. I should have done it first since then I wouldn’t have gotten ahead of myself to think I was going to get the money quickly. It turns out that even if my story gets chosen it wouldn’t be until four of five years from now I would get money. I am very unlucky, I have wasted money and time into trying to find anything that can pay, I can’t do surveys, or sell, or write for contests, I can’t work in the neighborhood since again even though Serra mesa is a good place to live, I know it doesn’t have much job opportunities.

I had finally given up completely I wasn’t going to try anymore, until I decided to try typing in ‘writing contests’ again into the search box, but by accident I made a typo and typed in ‘wrting contest’. With that typo I got ‘the San Diego Reader writing contests’ at first I was a little skeptical, but I knew in order to do this contest I need some help from my dad who is also a writer. He said yes and together we are working on our first Serra Mesa blog. We might not get money right away, but this is a good writing exposure for me and a good way to tell others about my community. Oh well, here we go again. -Bianca Sanchez-


Leonel Sanchez Oct. 4, 2010 @ 8:41 p.m.

Good job Bianca. Your ambition led us to this project we're doing and you're right this is good exposure. You're officially a blogger.


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