Serra Mesa is a very nice area to walk around; you can walk around at night and still feel safe since it’s very quiet and calm. But as much as I love to walk and love exercise I still wish there was a bus station that was within walking distance from my house.

The first time I found out that my dad was going to take the night shift I thought it wasn’t going to affect me in anyway. But when I found out that my mom, my sisters and I were going to have to walk to my Tuesday church class at St Columba it affected me a lot. The first time we walked we brought our dog Herbie for the long walk and started our walk around 6 p.m since my class was at 6:45, I thought that would be enough time but with all the winding streets and many dogs that live around here that like to sniff my little dog I was late.

By car it would only take five minutes to get to my church, which is near the Serra Mesa Recreation Center. But by foot it takes an hour.These were the times when I really wished either we had a second car, or that there were more bus stops in Serra Mesa. There used to be a bus route that started and ended only down the little hill that I live on. It would have taken me five minutes to get to the bus and then it would have taken me around the area toward my church. But instead one day someone decided not to have the bus come around here any more.

The only other transportation around here is the trolley station at Qualcomm stadium. The first time I used the trolley me and my mom got lost, lost our money, and were out alone in the rain near San Diego State U. But that’s another story.

Back to my original story. As I mentioned it’s very hard getting around here if you don’t have a car; it took my sisters, mom and me an hour to get to the church and another hour for them to get back home after they left me at the church. It’s worse on days where the weather is acting crazy and is turning from unbearable heat to cold rain.

Even when it I thought it was over and my dad didn’t have the night shift anymore I got slapped with another surprise. My dad decided to take night classes. I guess he didn’t realize how that would affect me since now again I have to walk the church. But this time I get a ride home from a very nice neighbor who lives across the street from me and volunteers at St. Columba.

The moral of the story is that as much as it hurts to know that for the next few years while I’m waiting for a second car to come I’m going to have to walk everywhere every time my dad can’t drive me. But the good part is that I’m lucky to live in such a nice and safe neighborhood that is filled with great neighbors like Joann who is helping me in my time of need. She's like my Guardian Angel.

-Bianca Sanchez- There used to be a bus stop here years ago:



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