I have more than one neighborhood since I go to school outside of Serra Mesa.

It was my choice to go to Patrick Henry High in San Carlos even though it is farther away from Kearny Mesa, my neighborhood school.

But I like going to Patrick Henry, which is on Jackson Drive. It's a really good school and the neighborhood near La Mesa is great too.

The only bad thing about living far from my school is when my dad has to go to meetings or classes. There is no one to pick me and my brother up.

If we lived closer to our school then we could easily walk home. Knowing it takes 25 minutes to get to Patrick Henry by car, I don’t like to think how long it takes to get there on foot.

Our school library closes about 3:30 p.m. I know it's a lot to ask someone to drive us home, so we end up walking to the San Carlos Library and wait til our dad can come for us.

By car it seems easy getting to the library from Patrick Henry, five minutes. But by foot it can take almost half an hour. It’s also never fair when the sun all of a sudden decides to come out when we're walking up the hill that leads to the library.

But after the long, tiring walk it’s very relaxing to sit down and read at the library. It’s a small library but big enough to fit a lot of good books. I go to the magazines first because they are up to date.

It’s also very quiet there, which is a good thing since it’s easy to concentrate on work that I’m trying to do.

When I went to the library at 3 p.m. today one of the librarians announced that they would be showing a kid friendly movie. It seems they do this often.

When my dad finally picked us up I was tired. After doing many tests, taking notes and walking to the library all I wanted to do was sleep.

But I’m very glad that I have such a peaceful place to go to when my dad is running late. Thank god for the San Carlos library!



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