In San Diego during the fall it is always nice to walk your dog since the weather is usually warm with a mixture of cool wind that goes perfectly with an afternoon stroll. My mom and I usually walk our dog, Herbie, in the late afternoon. We have had Herbie for four years now and he's been part of our rollercoaster. My mom takes care of Herbie almost like he is her fifth child and because of that he follows her everywhere she goes.

There are a lot of dogs in Serra Mesa and most are friendly. A few are not. Unfortunately Herbie knows both kind.

I still remember the look on my poor dog’s face after he got attacked by a much larger dog two years ago. Herbie is barely 12 pounds. I remember the sad tone my dad had after he picked me up from school. He said Herbie had been attacked and that he had to be taken to the hospital. I cried when I saw my little dog still in shock once I got home.

My mom said she was walking Herbie near Melbourne Avenue when she saw a big dog inside a truck. The dog was hooked to a long cable. My mom didn’t see the long cable until it was too late and the big dog followed Herbie. Instead of smelling him, the big dog growled and took Herbie in his mouth and started shaking him around. Herbie’s hair was everywhere. The dog wouldn’t let Herbie go. My mom screamed for help but nobody heard her. Luckily my mom works at a school and has to carry a whistle, she blew the whistle and the owner came out.

The owner was able to get Herbie loose but he tried to act like it wasn’t a big deal that Herbie was bleeding and suggested it was my mom’s fault for letting him come too close to his dog. My mom got his information and had to carry Herbie home as his blood covered his fur. My dad had to come home and take Herbie to the hospital where they stapled his wounds.

It took a while until we could walk Herbie again and we have to cross whenever we see larger dogs. I think everyone has a story, even dogs. Herbie may be smaller than most dogs in our area but he's a survivor and that makes him stronger than most dogs in our area. -Bianca Sanchez- Image


SurfPuppy619 Oct. 11, 2010 @ 8:19 a.m.

Yeah for HERBIE!!!

My ADICE for ALL small dog owners s when they get around LARGE unknown dog/s is to PHYSICALLY lift them off the ground and craddle them in your arms for safety. Even hold them over your head ( yes, I have seen this before).

I have seen this scenario play out way too many times....

ALWAYS report a violent dog attack-ALWAYS. If the dog is not on record as being violent there is nothing the law can do, but once a SINGLE incident is on record the dog is classified as violent/dangerous and can be taken from the owner (and probably put down thru no fault of the dog itself). it is sad, but irresponsible dog owners are the reason a dog gets classified as violent and runs the risk of being put down.

The problem is NEVER the dog it is always the owner. I adopted a senior pit bull (13 y/o) 4 months ago-and she was not dog agressive at all in the beginning (nor at the shelter nor in boarding after she left the shelter), until 1 month in with me, then she became aggressive on our walks by barking and basically going crazy when she she's other dogs, I have a huge spike collar on her with a strong 6 foot leash, it is MY responsibility to make sure she is not a danger to anyone or anything. I will work with her until she changes her behaviour, and she will but it will take some time. Until that time comes she is never off leash and never in a postion to hurt or harm anything (she is fine with people).


natalynn Oct. 11, 2010 @ 12:46 p.m.

i agree with both Mindy and Surfpuppy and i'm glad all is well now with Herbie, Bianca


SurfPuppy619 Oct. 12, 2010 @ 10:10 a.m.

. "Dogs in Translation" by Temple Grandin is a must read for people who want to understand aggression.

Im on it!!

I only adopt or foster the seniors, they are the ones who have had a decent life and been dumped throuhg no reason of their own.

I love the seniors. My senior Cocker Spaniel Sully is at the groomer right now getting his last haircut of the season, pick him up in an hour! Wonderful dog, adopted him in May at age 14, his owner adopted him as a puppy in 96, but she went blind and had to surrender him because she was in her 80's, blind and kept tripping over him. I feel so lucky to have been there at the shelter on the right day at the right time.......


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