Halloween is only ten days away and no matter what age you get you have to admit that you still love this great day. I don’t know if it’s the chills you get at night when you’re walking around in the darkness, or the thrill of pretending to be someone else for one night, or the candy. As much as I love this day, for the past month I have been worrying and debating over what I should be for Halloween.

I know I seem too old to trick or treat anymore, so I shouldn’t have to worry about costumes but I can’t help that I still want to be a little kid. Plus all my neighbors give out really great candy; most of them let me grab as much candy as I want from a bowl they set out. Those are the houses I go to first, along with the few neighbors that give out full sized candy bars. My three siblings and my parents and I usually turn our lights off early so we can get out early so we don’t miss out on all the fun.

But one of the trade offs of having such a big family is that we can’t each get a costume each year. I really wanted a fairy costume from Walmart one of the closest stores near my Serra Mesa community, Walmart has great sales but even at twenty dollars for most of their costumes it still seemed like too much. The other costume I wanted was a Lady Gaga costume but that was the most expensive since it had separate pieces. If my parents bought a twenty dollar costume for not only me but also my three other siblings, then those costumes would also count as one of our Christmas gifts. So I realized the other day while looking at all the Halloween catalogs and their mildly expensive prices that I could just make a costume. My mom and I looked through sewing books, but all of them were outdated, so she suggested that I look at the past costumes that we have had. I thought about it for a while and I realized that if there are six of us then there must be at least a little over twenty different costumes.

I found three bags full of Halloween costumes and I was creative enough to pick out little things from each costume I found. In the end I found angel wings from one of my little sister’s old costumes, I found an old tiara that I once wore, a wand, and a dress that once was my mom’s. In less than ten minutes not only did I find a creative costume but I also saved my parents twenty dollars or even more than that. This year I am going to be a princess fairy, every year I usually buy a costume from the store but I have realized that Halloween is only for one night and I can easily recycle costumes from the past.

Even though the economy is very bad right now it doesn’t mean I have to be depressed during my favorite night of the year. I can look forward to next week since I have found creative ways to get pass these road blocks and enjoy myself. I can’t wait for Halloween!

-Bianca Sanchez-


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