The media lynching has been relentless in calling for Mayor Bob Filner to resign over sexual harassment allegations which have not been proven or even reported.

It is clear that this is a war. It is a coup by developers that are outraged that they are finally being tossed out of the mayor's office.

Mayor Bob Filner has been the first progressive mayor we have had in years. He has been accessible to the people and has responded to the people and has stood up to special interests. That has outraged a lot of power-brokers here in San Diego and they have used their bully pulpit to create a campaign of smoke and mirrors to suggest Filner is unfit to run our city.

That said, naivete is what got you into this Bob and you have to be a lot smarter in how you proceed in this tank of sharks because even if Plan A fails, they have Plan B, Plan C, Plan, D, E and F waiting in the wings.

You should have never trusted Nathan Fletcher and Todd Gloria and the other players who convinced you they were allies. You should have known they were deeply entrenched in the developer cabal and they would be part of a plan to oust you.

So you have to get your game face on and your battlefield strategy in place.

1: You can NOT under any circumstances trust these people. Even if they claim they have had a change of heart and now support you they are proven liars and they will stop at nothing to get you out.

2: Do NOT under any circumstances give up your right to file a defamation case against these people who have slandered you. That is your best card right now and if you surrender it you will be greatly compromised. They will drop their case without you agreeing to not file defamation because if they file their case a pandora's box will be opened revealing that this was in fact a conspiracy and it would likely open criminal investigations.

3: MOVE THE MONEY! Move the 1 billion dollars that CCDC has quietly socked away investing in real estate to the General Fund where it is supposed to go and can be used for real services that San Diego desperately needs using an executive order. That will greatly deflate their efforts.

4: Address the Delaware LLc. This is how the developer cabal has been illegally moving money around for years. It is illegal under our City Charter (as you know since as Council member you astutely voted to make the DE llc illegal). There needs to be a massive lawsuit filed about the use of these Delaware LLcs to do all city business. This would also take away a lot of their power.

5: Fire EVERYONE in the Development Services Department. They are working for the private developers not the people as evidenced in the recent case of the two La Jolla tudor cottages approved for demolition without a full historic review. They are out to get you. You may also want to investigate the program they have giving financial bonuses to staff based on the number of projects they approve.

6: File a defamation case against 10 News for this interview they did with an anonymous woman. Then they should reveal their source and you can address the claims in court in a civil suit if they are false. That would also expose the intentional misreporting of the truth by 10 News and perhaps some of the players behind this and potentially open criminal investigations. You need to take actions that will facilitate criminal investigations.

7: Investigate why these Todd Gloria mayoral signs were circulating the day after the 1st press conference. Here is a quote from the people who had the signs. Do a request for info to see if there was any communication between Gloria's office and any of these folks (and don't forget Todd's Blackberry) "My real name is Dan Cassidy and I am the broker/owner of Principle Real Estate Group where this is posted. I actually found this article because Travis White (the artist who actually made it) emailed me the link (captioned: "Its a conspiracy..hahaha"). The guy outside the office was my associate Jason Lamy who helped greatly to put it together."

So do some research to see if Todd played any role in this. I highly doubt the sign was made over a 1 day period so why did these people have a heads up that there would be a Mayoral race in 2013? If Todd had anything to do with it it would obviously be illegal.

8: Have someone with you 24 hours a day as a witness. Also have a bodyguard with you 24 hours a day. These guys are dirty and they will stop at nothing to get rid of you (which is why moving the 1 billion dollar bounty on your head from CCDC is so key).

You can beat this, but you HAVE to be smart. We need you!!!


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