Dear Mayor Filner,

We the citizens of San Diego who voted for you are begging you NOT to resign.

Thank you for welcoming an investigation into the allegations against you. We believe an independent investigation will show that you are innocent of sexual harassment charges.

You have been an excellent mayor thus far. I confess I wasn't entirely sure if you would work for the people when you were elected. We have been burned before. But you have been the most impressive mayor we have seen in decades.

Your successful efforts to save Balboa Park from developers were nothing short of heroic. Your dedication to cleaning up the corruption at City Hall has been refreshing. We have been in a very abusive hostage situation with a corrupt government for decades.

You stood up to San Diego’s biggest hoteliers over the tourism marketing deal supporting workers over big bullies like Doug Manchester.

You have shown what a strong mayor with integrity can do to clean up the system....unlike Todd Gloria who sided with Walmart and Manchester.

Gloria is licking his chops as the vultures circle you and lay claim to your seat as mayor. Clearly, a deal has been struck behind the scenes that will guarantee Gloria your seat. (One has to wonder if this is why he has distanced himself from you....did Gloria know all this was in the works?)

Even more reason that you have to stay strong and let the details and evidence emerge.

I think their frantic and frenzied pleas to get you to step down ASAP mean they are scared they will have to present their evidence in this case which will likely beg more questions than answers.

Please force them to bring their cards forward. At this point there is nothing to lose. If you stay you will prove you are the fighter you have always been.

You have renewed our hope that the City can be reformed and returned to the citizens.

You have outraged a lot of special interests especially the developers and they are viscous. This is "their" town. How dare you actually work for the people of San Diego.

You have a long history of heroic political action that should not be thrown away over a handful of unproven accusations. You have stood up for victims all your life, from your efforts to help Veterans to your efforts to help Gay rights so you DESERVE due process.

This public lynching is a testament to how effective you have been and sadly to how corrupt our city STILL is.

Please know that despite the biasedness of the media, they do not reflect the citizens. We voted for you and we support you. Please do not step down.

If you step down, we will lose Balboa Park to developers FOREVER. You are the only thing standing between them and our beloved park. We need you now more than ever to be the People's Mayor.


KayL July 12, 2013 @ 11:12 p.m.

I fully support the Mayor. The Democrats in this county are selling him down the river, and they're going to pay when developers regain City Hall and destroy the environment and the unions. They are playing right into the GOP's hands. I vow now to never vote for another Democrat in a local race, ever again.


KLoEditor July 12, 2013 @ 11:58 p.m.

The so called leaders who are supporting the call for the mayor to resign are puppets with unclean hands and hidden agendas. Frye is obviously still bitter, and even more so, since clearly Filner is doing a better job than she ever could have. Atkins isn't even on the City Council anymore. Gonzalez and Gonzalez have financial incentives. Goldsmith has been clashing with Filner ever since he got into office. Saldana I wouldn't trust as far as I could throw her. Alvarez has been a disappointment ever since he supported Jacobs Folly. And speaking of Jacobs Folly, Jacobs and Gloria must be doing a happy dance at the thought that Gloria might get to play Mayor for a few months during which time no doubt the monster Filner had killed will surely be resurrected. I dread to think of all the terrific damage that would be done in this city if Filner resigns. Don't do it, Bob, please. You've also got powerful allies on your side, and the citizens of San Diego support you too.

If anyone cares to start a page on Facebook, pls let me know, I'll do all I can to support it.


theopiner July 13, 2013 @ 9:52 a.m.

Great article. Accusations are cheap, and those that would benefit from his resignation are merely throwing whatever they can manufacture at him just to see what sticks. Don't resign, Mr. Filner.


patflannery July 13, 2013 @ 4:35 p.m.

The Mayor's Office must not be a partisan office according to the City Charter. This coup attempt proves how important that concept is. The two parties have shown that they are one worse than the other, both in it for nothing other than what they can get from the City.

Thank goodness Bob Filner is neither a Democratic Mayor nor a Republican Mayor. That is why he is in the pickle he is in. But if we the people support him through this we will have scored a victory that will change this city for decades.

It is good to read what you all write here in The Reader and thanks to Matt Potter for taking such a magnificent lead. It is unthinkable that these special interests should be allowed to decide who can sit in the Mayor's Office and who can not. So keep writing Matt and I hope all like-minded people make their views known here.


bankalchemist Aug. 15, 2013 @ 3:29 p.m.

coming to his aid its been rumored Ed Brand & Tom Hassey are going to bring the mayor into their homeboy network. Each of them are accustom to controversy in the press so as the three amigos they can fend off these questions and criticisms as one group.


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