Mayor Bob Filner has made a lot of enemies at City Hall by being the first mayor in decades to stand up to the developer mafia that has been running our city. It's no secret that they don't like him. And it would be naive to suggest that they will just resort to normal, legal means to oust the man especially now that their scheme to develop Balboa Park has been tossed out by the courts.

So why is former City Councilwoman Donna Frye calling for him to step down?

Apparently there are some "allegations" of sexual harassment by some female employees, but at this point they are JUST allegations. We have seen no evidence to convict the mayor.

What is the evidence that Donna Frye claims to have seen?

Is this evidence "real"? Could it be fabricated?

Why isn't Donna even telling us the "nature" of the evidence? If it's video evidence, tell us. That does not compromise the identity of the so-called victims. If it is video that begs the question who filmed it, how and why?

And is it really that irrational to suggest these interests would set the mayor up?

Is it that hard to persuade any man to engage in sexual misconduct if the woman initiates?

Why hasn't Donna encouraged the women to file their complaints with the proper authorities instead of using these anonymous allegations to call for Filner's resignation? Additionally, no lawsuits have been filed yet. Why haven't these women followed the standard operating procedure for this type of situation? One has to wonder.

If there is video evidence then I would seriously suspect a set-up. How difficult would it be to pay some low-level employees to offer Filner sexual favors in order to get Filner on video engaging in sexual misconduct? As much as we want to protect the identity of the victims it is important for us to assess their credibility and their possible motives. We need to know who hired them, when were they hired, etc.

And Filner has been in politics for years. Why isn't there a long line of women crying "sexual harassment"? Did he just start harassing woman at the age of 70?

This strategy has been around for decades...the infamous "honeypot" scheme.

7.11.2013 UPDATE*******

We have just learned from 10 News that the Republicans have been following Filner with a private investigator for YEARS adding to the speculation that this was a set-up.

Like I said if they have the alleged abuse on camera then it's a set-up. They couldn't get any dirt on him pre-election following him around with a PI so cut to now Mayor Filner and a few honeypots charged with getting Filner in a compromising position for the cameras.

Sounds like crazy conspiracy, but hey the Republicans are admitting to following him with cameras for years. People would have called that assertion crazy conspiracy, but it's been confirmed.

I'm sure this 10 News story is being published to lay the groundwork for why they have the misconduct on camera. Since the gist of the story is "well we were just following him around because we care about San Diegans and wanted them to know what kind of person their mayor is."....Really? Anyone buying that? This makes the tale even more suspect.

"Derrick Roach, secretary of the San Diego County Republican Party, said he has run surveillance on Filner during election cycles.

"I think some people turned a blind eye thinking this was just a partisan political attack," Roach said. "They thought it was a witch hunt and it's not."

Roach said he's spent years behind the camera watching Republicans and Democrats. He told Team 10 he wanted voters to know who they were electing.

He said Filner is the only politician he's watched for sexual encounters.

"Bob Filner is the only one; he's the only one that comes to mind," Roach said.

He described a video he captured in 2010, as Filner ran for re-election to Congress."

I would urge people to be very slow to convict the mayor. The details of this case are sorely lacking, to say the least. The timing is also suspect — right after developers launched a very anemic effort to recall Filner.

I know Donna Frye has been an absolute champion of open government and we owe her a huge debt of gratitude for her service, but she is not perfect or beyond being manipulated and I believe she is being played in this scenario.

And Marco Gonzalez has been a bit of a loose canon. I'm not sure he is above reproach.

I wish Donna would take a more discerning look at the strangeness of this scene and a closer look at who may be behind this before supporting the claims of these women.

There is WAY too much at stake for San Diego.

Additionally it now appears pretty obvious that Filner was set up on the Sunroad situation according to the OB Rag.

"Faulconer, who knows Tom Story — the Sunroad principal — when Story headed up the City’s Development Services department, is making efforts to beef up the controversy. Faulconer’s voice-mail machine was supposedly called by Story who left a message indicating the $100,000 that his company was giving was a donation to Filner’s special projects. Why did Story call Faulconer? Faulconer was not involved in the deal. But it was his voice-mail message from Story that is being touted as “evidence” of the quid-pro-quid arrangement.

This little fact is indeed adding fuel to the rumor that Filner was set up by the Republicans around this deal — where Filner announced that he was returning the money to Sunroad. Tom Story — a City Hall veteran for many years — knew full well that if his checks appeared to be in return for Filner’s “favors,” Filner would look bad."

So is it really a stretch to think these guys cooked up a honeypot scheme to oust him?

These developers are DIRTY and they play dirty.

The mayor deserves the benefit of the doubt. He has done a truly exceptional job of cleaning up the City. The vitriol of the special interests — and they are on all sides — is a testament to just how effective he has been.

Remember, if there is a recall, Todd Gloria will become our temporary mayor and that will be disaster! First order of business, give Balboa Park to developers.

Look at the bizarre timeline of events. Why were several recall Filner domain names purchased on January 7th?


Hardcover July 11, 2013 @ 8:31 a.m.

Is this why Todd Gloria has turned so hard to the right since the election? Did he know that people of both parties were trying to get him in this back door to being Mayor? And you are correct, his first moves will be to hand off Balboa Park to Jacobs' developer friends. They can't stand the idea that Filner got to work so quickly to screw them out of their entitlements. They worked so hard at it too: sitting through boring museum board meetings that they were planted in and everything.


FatCatSegat July 11, 2013 @ 1:12 p.m.

Thanks for the eye opening info. I was watching the press conference this morning and I'm still in shock. From the minute Mayor Filner took off the gloves its been one attempt after another. Now it all makes sense. I wonder if thats why his ex jumped ship as well. I sure hope they don't get their way and the truth comes out that it was in fact a set up. So here we go with the smoke and mirrors while nothing is accomplished, and of course they'll try to sneak something by the voters while we're distracted by the circus. Man this is depressing. Just when some headway was being made.


laplayaheritage July 12, 2013 @ 9:43 a.m.

It is always about the public's money. In this case the $1 Billion in Successor Agency assets of the former CCDC Redevelopment Agency (RDA) under operational control of Civic San Diego and Council President Todd Gloria.

Since the end Redevelopment, our $293 million (2010) in unspent and hidden Affordable Housing assets should have been transferred into the City General Fund Reserve, and then into the San Diego Affordable Housing Trust Fund (HTF) under control of the San Diego Housing Commission.

Linked above is our solution to the problem which requires our Strong Mayor Filner to bypass the City Attorney and City Council through a Mayoral Executive Order to move all $292.9 million is Successor Housing Entity assets into our San Diego Affordable Housing Fund and/or the Housing Trust Fund (HTF). This will move operational control of our housing assets to the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) from Civic San Diego's self-serving administration. Then Mayor Filner will need State approval from Sacramento, instead of hoping Goldsmith's several legally flawed RDA lawsuits filed in our capitol will prevail.

Currently the remaining $700 million (2010) in non-housing assets are still being frozen by the Department of Finance (DOF). By law the non-housing former RDA assets should be deposited into the City's General Fund Reserves.

But starting on January 1, 2014, Civic San Diego and Council President Todd Gloria will have unlimited access to these public funds by keeping the money separated.


Coastdefender July 13, 2013 @ 8:53 p.m.

I don't know if he is being set up but I certainly do know that he is being denied his due process. Without the specific allegations and the accusers how can anyone know what is the truth. Who are these folks to set themselves up as judge, jury and excutioners. If they ahve irrefutable evidence show it to us and let the courts decide. To ask him to resign will bring disaster upon San Diego.


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