The media circus calling for Mayor Bob Filner to resign over sexual harassement allegations has been deafening, but it has also been quite telling. From 10 News to the UT to KUSI, the media has been viscous and unrelenting in their attacks. Even with the allegations, the media knows that you can't convict a person without due process. But that has not stopped them from acting as judge, jury, and executioner in this sordid case.

We, the voters, who gleefully welcomed Progressive Mayor Bob Filner last year, are being told "we the liberal leaders have seen the evidence and it is so horrifying we can not even go through the due process of the courts before we must ask the mayor to resign. Just "trust us".

Really? Have you guys even considered the possibility that he was baited? Especially given the latest story about how Republicans had a Private Investigator following Filner for YEARS to find him in the act of sexual misconduct?

And the Democrats, who are suckers for a victim, are rolling over like dogs and jumping on the bus to oust the best mayor we have had in decades because they are being told "just trust us".

Look Donna is a saint, but she is also a sucker for a victim and I am sure she is not vetting the girls to see if they could possibly have been put in place as bait. The fact that they did not go through the proper channels to file their claims begs some questions.

There is far too much at stake here. Even if there is 'evidence' that does not mean Filner was not baited into sexual misconduct and his reaction today gives me hope that he knows he was baited and is going to allow due process to expose this.

Filner claimed tonight that he believes an investigation will "support my innocence."

"If a sexual harassment claim is made, the city will investigate through the city's "Equal Opportunity Investigative Office" and take appropriate action, the statement read."

He also said an outside independent investigator could be used. This is a man who is welcoming transparency into the events and that speaks to his credibility.

“I am committed to ensuring a full, complete and independent investigation in response to any formal complaint against me," Filner's statement said.

“While I stand by my comments and pledge of yesterday to make changes to improve the workplace environment in my office, I am confident that a fair and independent investigation will support my innocence with respect to any charges of sexual harassment,” it continued.

Marco Gonzalez (whose presence at the Press Conference is a bit of a conflict of interest since he represents "multiple women" who he says have shown credible proof of severe harassment.) is still demanding the mayor step down "or else". He also claimed there would be more to come.

I suspect this means the next step is to release the video of the misconduct and this is going to be tricky for them because they are going to have to explain WHY they have video of the misconduct in the first place. This will suggest a set-up to some and they are going to have to explain that.

I say bring the evidence so the public can ask why you have this evidence to begin with. The Republicans may regret bringing these serious accusations because the more Filner pushes back the more they will have to reveal.


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