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Ok yall this is the gist, we finally got a real president, ain't sayin that Bill was bad or nuthin and if Hillary wouldn't have Boo Hooed after losing to Obama in Iowa she woulda had my vote. At the time I really didn't have much faith in Obama and I felt that if Hillary woulda won we would also get Bill back in the drivers seat and Obama would have probably accepted a vice presidency which would also have been a first and 100 times less dangerous than the number one spot. Nobody would,ve shot at Hillary and we would have gotten a guy "her husband" that already knew what to do to fix this mess that W. left. But ain't no way we gonna have a president that cries on National television it's just not the image that we as a nation can afford.

Speaking of Images or appearances by electing Obama as president we are finally projecting or at least sending the world a message that we elect our presidents based on their character and intelligence and not their color or religion etc,, and we appear to be finally practicing what we have always preached. And being named Barek Hussien didn't hurt our middle east negotiations at all. It was actually perfect for this day and time. Especially when it came to cleaning up Bushe's mess.

More on appearances, for the last couple of weeks I've been layin around watchin a lot of day time television and now I have more than one station to watch since I,m now out of Mexico.-(Thank God no more seven hundred club) Anyways I happen to tune in on "Tyra's show" and yeah she is way too fine and is obviously in love with the mirror and the camera. And after watching a few of her shows which are totally jammed with estrogen, for example she covered on national tv how to properly use a tampon and home remedies for cramps and also showed sexy underwear for women during there cycle and had women from the audience admit embarassing stories about springing leaks during heavy periods and gave them a number to call if they experience extremely heavy bleeding and how to cope with it or take a new drug that would minimize their flow. ( I found this information very confusing and possibly rewarding and actually had an urge to sit down to pee afterwards) .

The second show I watched she had models on stage and everybody commented on whether they were tens and the one that was actually the most beautiful and being currently signed by a modeling agency was actually a "man" that had a sex change. ( yep she looked more like a woman than all the other women and didn't have on a bunch of make-up like Tyra) The last show I watched which is the most trendy topic in the media these days was a gay kid that was turned straight by his church he was sixteen and yeah he still looked gay to me and everybody in the audience and they showed aclip of him being beaten by a preacher with the bible while he was on the floor and he actually vomitted when the gay spirit left his body. Well to make a long story short it basically came out that "you can't really pray away the gay", and that the kid was still gay and with the help of the church had learned how to suppress his homosexual urges and " Act Straight ".

Ok yall this it, I probably understand more than most what gay men go through as far as being oppressed and or ostracized since I am constantly being mistaken for gay. Hey i'm 55 years old and been in a cave for the past 15 years and I don't know a lot of things but I know I ain't gay, meaning I don't have sex with men period. I also feel that the word Gay is too general a term to use for such a complex and diverse group of people and their use of a rainbow as there banner is about as close as ya gonna git to trying classify gay people. They are not black and white at all, they are as far as I can tell, like the colors in a rainbow and should not be dealt with in a generic manner.

Which brings me back to appearances and Image. Lately some one in next to god land, said that gays could openly go into the military. I have a lot of love for our military and I do hate the way this country has treated gays but c'mon now. We talking about our national defense here, this ain't no church ceremony or being able to play a school sport. This is the post 9/11and post Bush, United States of America a subsidiary of the Oil, Auto and Drug companies and granted the military was the first to integrate races and they went out on a limb with the (don't tell don't ask), which I think was a beautiful compromise since it basically attracted Gay men and Women that would act and carry themselves as straight people while on duty or around other straight troops. ( which I feel should be and has been done in churches and by teachers in public schools also). I grew up in Jacksonville Florida, the bible belt and gays were common in the churches and most of them grew up in the church and everybody knew who they were, well some of them anyway.

I don't know how some people become gay but the way I figure it some are born gay and some become gay because of a gay encounter at a young age usually a seduction by an adult or experimentation by a peer. Then there's the ones that as a result of abusive relationship with a straight partner decides to go gay or just simply decides to try being gay because they like the lifestyle or other similar reasons. Now the people that basically decides to be gay because they are attracted to the lifestyle etc.. could possibly go back to being straight I guess. Who knows? Ya see, some gay men are totally masculine, they just do not like having sex with women or they like both men and women and the same for some women and they make ideal troops.

But then there's the other kind of gay male and you know the one's I'm talkin about. I thank god that Obama put a freeze on inducting openly gay people because our military has enough problems especially with a war goin on all the time. Gays go from women that are more masculine than Sumo wrestler to men men that are as petite and dainty hhmmmnn I don't know' maybe a teenage ballerina. Me going door to door and being mistaken for being gay constantly I can honestly tell you there are a lot of men married with children that acknowledges that they are Gay and I thought Cali was unique in that area but Salt Lake City is the same way in that respect per capita. I think I should give examples of Gays using celebrities since I,m ol school most of my examples are at least over forty. Lets start with the character played by Kelsey Grammar, "Frazier". Ok in real life he would be gay and his brother Niles actually did come out the closet a few years ago. And then there's Woody Allen Okayy! And what about Raymonds brother on everybody loves Raymond over forty living with Mom he's definitely a man's man. Oh yeah and Sienfeld is just too "anal" and Colin is always kissin on dudes in movies and acts wayyy too pretty. Oh yeah and Tyler does "Ma dear" wayy too good and I think he is out of the closet. The point is that these guys characters are usually gay in the real world I could go and on to the "Rupaul's" yeah that's right' men with breast and still stand up to pee.

So where do we put the gay guys with breast? Do we let them shower with the regular troops? Now when troops go to basic training and I'm speaking about men because let's face it, "a women that acts like a man is a plus in the military". The first thing that is done to the troops is that they are thrown together and made to look just alike. Bald head and baggy uncreased uniforms or fatigues in my case, we were all stripped of our independence and individuality we were all the same and on the same level and broken down mentally and reshaped and reborn into a mentally strong and physically fit fighting unit that had completed the requirements to become a member of an elite group. Now can you imagine a 6' 4" 240 pound guy with a bald head, mustache a size 50 double "D" breast 36 inch waist and sixty inch surgically enhanced butte( Rupaul) standing in formation. There is no way that this person will be just like everybody else and there goes uniformity and cohesion. Our military at this time is not prepared to handle or accomadate the many different variations of gay people.

Then there is our image as a strong and formidable force that must remain unblemished and let's face it yall' if we start enlisting men with enhanced uuhhmm breast i guess, enhanced buttes and throw like a girl, finger popping, arm waving, head rolling, ass switching, nympho man munchin, peter gazin sissies and place them in the miltary and send them to war. They are gonna come up (MIA) missin in action for sure and mostly from friendly fire. Nuff said


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