Army’s Future Uncertain (El Sol de Tijuana, 10/12/12 by Daniel Angel)

Tijuana, BC - The Commander of the second military zone, Gilberto Landeros Briceño, said that he can not predict the future of the army’s fight against crime in the new federal Government.

"I cannot tell right now what there is today you will have then; it is not possible", said the military commander when questioned about the entry of the new federal administration which will be led by Enrique Peña Nieto.

It believed that the future of the army will continue fighting crime as they have done so far, but it will be done by directives received at the time from the President of the Republic, the Supreme Chief of the armed forces.

He also spoke of the situation facing the city of Mexicali, where an agent of the public prosecutor was killed, one police officer was threatened and some official trucks were burned.

Gilberto Landeros, like the Attorney General of Justice, attributed these attacks as responsibility of the common law to be addressed as crimes of the narcomenudeo.

"It is a campaign of intimidation that is primarily against the public ministries of the common law by those aligned with to the narcomenudistas," he said.

He added that it is necessary to pay attention to these circumstances and redouble our efforts in coordination against them.

San Felipe Red Cross Needs Loan to Operate (El Sol de Tijuana, 10/12/12 by Daniel Angel)

Tijuana, BC - La Cruz Red de San Felipe is awaiting response from the State Government to see if it will approve a loan so they will be able to return to operations, said the delegate of the institution in the State, Samuel Chávez.

"San Felipe has been closed for five days. There are no ambulances if one person requires an ambulance there", he said in an interview this week.

The area covered by delegation of San Felipe, he explained, comes up to about the middle of the road that leads to the municipality of Mexicali running North and almost the same distance to the South in the direction of Ensenada at the height of Puertecitos.

He added that there is one ambulance from the Ministry of Health, but it only has a driver and the unit is not otherwise equipped.

He explained that they need 230,000 pesos ($17,886 US) to cover current debts and another 150,000 ($11,665 US) to return to operations again.

"We already cannot get fuel and our electricity is off because we must first obtain drug supplies. Our credit has been stopped and they are about to cut off the phone. Our situation is that critical," said the delegate.

The situation worsened in the last three months but we stayed to support the community, said Samuel Chávez, and they continue to face a difficult situation.

"We need resources to have two paramedics to respond to emergencies as it is not enough to only have a driver who transports a patient who is going to die on the way because there is no life support", he said.


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