Avoid seafood poisoning (El Sol de Tijuana, 2/18/13 by Rocio Galvan)

Tijuana, BC - The Ministry of Health warned people to beware of seafood purchased from some outlets due to the risk of gastrointestinal diseases and poisonings that occur from non-hygienic conditions.


The gills of fish must be red and should not emit bad smells. In addition the scales not should become detached easily. With regard to shellfish, the odor should be fresh with firm and shiny skin. The shell must be complete with the heads and legs attached to the bodies that do not break off easily. All products must be well chilled, it was pointed out.

In 2012 more than 50 cases of poisoning from eating seafood in poor conditions were presented. According to the statistics of the traders in the industry and is beginning to see an increase in sales of these foods. There are a wide variety of products from the sea that are fresh and at a good price, so the population has many alternatives, http://www.oem.com.mx/elsoldetijuana/notas/n2883621.htm

Red Cross sweepstakes (El Sol de Tijuana, 2/18/13 by Rocio Galvan)

Tijuana - In collaboration with the State Government through the Ministry of Planning and Finance of Baja California, the Tijuana Red Cross in the delegation will hold the first Cross Red 2013 Sweepstakes ''Revalida, Gana y Apoya (validate, win and support)” raffle this Tuesday, February 19, to thank donors for their support to help in continuing with free ambulance service.

Carlos Velazco Samperio, Director of the well-deserving institution, said on the premises of Recaudación de Rentas on Vía Rápida is where the first drawing of a VW Golf car and a Honda motorcycle will be raffled; a second is scheduled on April 6 in Mexicali; another on June 23 in Ensenada; and the last on June 27 in Tijuana.

While making arrangements for their vehicle plates and licenses, all have the right to participate in the raffle of the aforementioned prizes. In addition, there will be pesos discount coupon for use in major stores such as cinemas, auto insurance, laboratories, restaurants, Italian food, pizza, burgers and more.

He noted that in the 2012, "a total of 178,821 citizens participated during the month of January while exchanging their plates and each donated 62 pesos ($4.80 US) to the institution, in order to continue the free emergency ambulance service".

Velazco Samperio again trusts the citizenship, since last year the delegation of Tijuana received 4,437,091 pesos ($350,000 US) however, operational costs for the well-deserving institution amount to 5 million pesos ($394,000 US) per month. http://www.oem.com.mx/elsoldetijuana/notas/n2883491.htm

Fewer payments made for water service (El Sol de Tijuana, 2/18/13 by Rocio Galvan)

Tijuana, BC - Citizens should not remain delinquent in the payment of their water bills just because the company's policy is to wait three months before charging a late fee, while others like the gas, light or phone companies give only one month, acknowledged the Director of the Tijuana State Commission of Public Services, Hernando Durán.


He indicated that the majority of people give priority to other payments, because they consider water the last obligation and this increases the unpaid amounts, although at the present time payments are at 92%.

The current unpaid invoices for the year amount to two million pesos ($158,000 US) of an approximate 100 million ($7.9 million US). In total, 100,000 water customers are counted as late, however it could be 24%, but it is only 10% of the debtors who are the most delayed.

There is awareness of the crisis and the needs of the population, but among the debtors, most are: businesses, schools and of course citizens, he said. http://www.oem.com.mx/elsoldetijuana/notas/n2883484.htm


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