Proposed Border Crossing for Use by Seniors, Disabled and Pregnant (El Sol de Tijuana, 10/26/12 by Daniel Angel)

Tijuana, BC - The Town Hall City Council received a proposal for the creation of a pedestrian line to cross to the United States, on Thursday, designed exclusively for the elderly, disabled and pregnant women.

The idea was submitted by Councillor Najla Webe, who in an interview prior to the Council meeting said that about a month ago, a woman gave birth in the toilet of a shop close to the line. "This obviously came to public light, but no one did anything about it," she said showing printed photographs of what happened.

She said that the implementation of this additional entry line would not create any infrastructure changes. The proposal, she explained, is to keep public safety responsible for maintaining order in this area, in addition to the municipal government launching an awareness campaign.

Details, said the Councillor of the new Alliance Party (Panal), are precisely what shall need to be specified in commissions, so later, the initiative can be submitted to the Council for a vote. It was estimated that the number of people who would have access to this row, would be minimal.

There are No Kidnappings in BC (El Sol de Tijuana, 10/27/12 by Juan Guizar)

Tijuana, BC - The Procurator of Justice of the State, Rommel Moreno Manjarrez said, "There are no kidnappings in Baja California. Now we only take care of drunks and issue certificates for mobile phone thefts."

Before the membership of organized trade in Tijuana, the official acknowledged that now "matters of human behavior" saturate the system of the Public Prosecutor's Office ranging from admonition of alcohol on breath, non-compliance with obligations and the constant issuing of lost records or documents, that in a year exceeded more than 800,000 cases. They are, he said, "very recurrent and small criminal cases".

Rommel Moreno told the traders that it is time to reflect on the role of the Attorney General and the imperative of a reengineering service towards the fulfillment of prompt and expeditious justice. Therefore "we cannot have a delegation table, where there are 700 colonies, operating 40 ministerial agencies to respond to these issues".

He added that even high-impact crimes have already declined; the narcomenudeo is now under the responsibility of the State authority. We help with other crimes such as home thefts, deporting illegals when settled here and they turn to drugs and begin to steal.

With a call to participate, the Attorney General Rommel Moreno called organized trade to keep in touch with the authorities, because without a doubt "the anonymous complaints have helped to greatly curb crimes of high impact such as kidnapping".


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