Commitment is to Cabenas Families (El Sudcaliforniano, 12/6/12 by Christian Zarazua)

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur - "As the Coordinator of efforts in this destination, my only commitment is to the families of Los Cabos and it is why I will continue with the different orders of Government" said the Mayor.

Agúndez Montaño noted, with the new federal administration, Los Cabos will benefit in different areas, continuing to apply the efforts and resources applied for the benefit of cabenas families.

Important works and actions shall be delivered to the citizens of Cabo San Lucas and San José Cabos, today, Thursday 6 December, informed the Mayor of Los Cabos, engineer José Antonio Agúndez Montaño, who added that works have begun with hydraulic pavement at 9 a.m. on Calle Atmósfera in Colonia Lomas del Sol and at 5 p.m. on Calle Solidaridad in Colonia El Zacatal.

Along with the calendar of events for today, on Thursday, at 11:30 a.m. on the Esplanade of the Civic Plaza's Palacio Municipal Antonio Mijares, two vehicles will be delivered to the General Director of Social Development, along with the delivery of uniforms for officers of the sub-delegation of municipality cleaning equipment, mentioned the Mayor.

"These actions are of great importance for better performance of those who integrate the 11th Ayuntamiento de Los Cabos", he emphasized.

Mayor José Antonio Agúndez, accompanied by his wife Gloria Agundez Gavarain, President of the System for the Integral Development of the Family, around 6 p.m. will conduct the lighting of the Christmas tree in the public square.

Workers under Protest at Cabo San Lucas General Hospital (El Sudcaliforniano, 12/6/12 by Veronica Gonzalez S.)

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur - Medical staff and nursing staff of the general Hospital in Cabo San Lucas worked under protest since the payment due on their payroll has not been made to them.

Yesterday morning, the general hospital of Cabo San Lucas still offered both general medical consultations in specialties, as well as Emergency Department care, despite working under protest, wearing green labels with the motto "We work under protest".

Persons covered by Popular Insurance who came to receive medical care were attended to in the normal manner, receiving the same treatment by medical and nursing staff, serving them well with professional ethics.

Nursing, medical specialists and general staff, as well as some administrative area staff that receive their salaries directly from the city of La Paz, worked under protest while other staff who receive salaries for recovered fees promptly received them as before.

Pending a response from the Ministry of Health in the State for breach of duty, since that money is something already owed them because they already worked, there was no reply, so they will take other forms of actions.

For its part, people who came for an appointment or to be served for some illness, pointed out that at no time were they denied care.


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