Speed is leading cause of motorist death (El Sudcaliforniano, 2/16/13 by Veronica Gonzalez S.)

Los Cabos, BC Sur - Firefighters from Cabo San Lucas note speeding and a lack of caution remain the leading causes of death of motorists. Speeding caused a motor vehicle impact that was reported by the fire department and despite efforts to free him from the twisted wreckage, it was impossible, losing his life at the scene of the accident.

Sergeant Gabriel García Tinoco, a spokesman for the Cabo San Lucas Fire Brigade said at approximately 07:00 hours, they received the call via C-4 reporting that on Calle Leona Vicario at the top of Lagunitas Cologne, there had been a car crash against a fixed object and that was someone was trapped inside the vehicle.

Rescue Unit M 42 with 5 crew members on board and Unit R 43 with two paramedics were dispatched and upon reaching the location found the crashed vehicle was a green, 2000 Ford Explorer and paramedics of the Red Cross were already providing first aid to a male trapped inside the vehicle.

Firefighters and paramedics immediately proceeded to perform extraction maneuvers of the victim with their Jaws of Life hydraulic equipment, which unfortunately failed because the victim died due to his multiple injuries caused by the impact of the truck against a ladder at the scene.

The intervention of the Public Prosecutor was requested to witness the accident and order the removal of the body identified as Ismael García's, 33, the vehicle driver.

The body was released for transfer to the city morgue to determine the cause of death, apparently due to excess speed in driving the truck; arriving at the accident scene transit experts usually establish accident causes. In conclusion, he recommended caution to avoid fatal accidents since despite the efforts of paramedics nothing could be done to save his life.

Likewise, they pointed out they attended to a C-4 call reporting that on the road to San José de el Cabo at the 5 km marker, there was another accident.

At the accident scene they found a black Yamaha motorcycle ridden by Francisco Javier Álvarez and another green bike, ridden by Mr. José Silvano López. Both were injured and taken to hospitals; Mr. Silvano José by a private ambulance and Mr. Francisco Javier Álvarez by fire department paramedics aboard Unit R 30 to the city general hospital for medical attention since he presented with a probable fracture of the left femur.

As to the cause of the accident, it is unknown if the units crashed into each other or if another vehicle struck the cyclists, said Sergeant Gabriel García Tinoco, the spokesman for the Cabo San Lucas Fire Brigade.


Continuity in education paramount for children (El Sudcaliforniano, 2/15/13 by Christian Zarazua)

Los Cabos, BC Sur - At the invitation of Maestro Rocío Ramírez, Director of Escuela Casa de los Niños Cipactlicalli, A.C., for preschool and primary education, the Deputy Alberto Treviño attended a meeting which brought together parents, whose aim was to raise the need to implement secondary level education at the campus, due to the great demand that exists. They were showed the Montessori system followed by this institution since 1991 that has generated great results and has been very useful for students who have graduated from the school who are now studying at secondary level schools or beyond.

Trevino carefully listened to the proposal of both the Director and parents regarding the importance of providing continuity to the education system, which according to the parents, has been an excellent tool and has worked positively in the advancement and educational growth of their children.

In a tour of the school premises, the Director explained the method of teaching to the Deputy and learning systems that are employed, where students enrolled in preschool and primary grades have different abilities learn and coexist naturally with the rest of the students, in this way, making education more inclusive with positive results for all.

Meanwhile, the Deputy requested the Director combine efforts with the parents, to formally request incorporating secondary level grades at this school, to give continuity to this innovative method of teaching, so many benefits may be brought to our Cabenos children, and he in turn, will manage the possible incorporation to the authorities and appropriate government bodies.

At the end of the meeting, the children, parents and Director of the campus, expressed their appreciation for the visit by the Deputy, and he made a commitment to provide timely follow-up to the request, all with the aim of promoting the best education of the children, who will be the professionals of tomorrow, he concluded. http://www.oem.com.mx/elsudcaliforniano/notas/n2880180.htm

Six of every 10 people in the country are a couple (El Sudcaliforniano, 2/15/13 by Mauricio Hernández C.)

La Paz, BC Sur - On the occasion of the recently held "Valentine's day", the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) reported than the 43.9% of the population age 15 and older are now married and 15.6% are in a common-law union.

This means that 6 out of 10 people are living as a couple, while 29.9% are single and only one in ten are separated, divorced or widowed.

The proportions have important variations with age and time indicating 61% of persons aged 15 to 29 are unmarried; 81.6% between 30 to 59 are married or in a common-law union; and of those 60 and over, 75.7% are married or in a common-law union.

On the other hand it appears a considerable number of separations occur whether they are legally married or not. A relevant piece of information is that the 90.4% of women aged 30-49 who have ever been married or in a common-law union, did not form another family following a separation - a parameter that relates to the macho culture prevailing in society, which considers they will be judged for being a couple.

Last year statistics indicate that the average married person age is 37 years old. In 67.7% of marriages the man was older than the spouse; in 10.9%, both are the same age; and in 21.4%, the man is younger.

Finally, last year there were 91,285 divorces - a rate of 16 divorces for every 100 marriages. http://www.oem.com.mx/elsudcaliforniano/notas/n2880239.htm


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