Councils Should Not Authorize Casino Licenses (El Sudcaliforniano, 12/3/12 by Miguel Rubio)

La Paz, Baja California Sur – The PRI 13th Legislature of the Congress of the State of Baja California Sur, headed by the Deputy for the 13th Electoral District of the State, Sandra Luz Elizarrarás Cardoso, was presented with an initiative draft decree to amend some articles of the state Constitution by the Deputy Axxel Gonzalo Sotelo Espinoza de los Monteros, with the aim that Councils not have authority in the State to issue licenses or building permits for casinos and similar activities.

Sandra Elizarrarás said in an interview that the reasons that drove them to present this initiative are, first, claims of sudcaliforniana society has an excessive and sudden appearance of casinos in the State and the commitment of the members of the PRI to their constituents to safeguard the quality of life distinguished both nationally and internationally to Baja California Sur.

"We must recognize that despite these extraordinary steps, the recurrent presence of criminal conduct seriously impacts society, such is the case in rapid increases in thefts to homes, robberies with violence, theft of vehicles, and failures to comply with family obligations," and crimes directly relate to the heritage that affects the economy of sudcalifornianos," said Sandra Elizarrarás.

Deputy Axxel Gonzalo Sotelo, noted in the Tribune of the Congress of the State in presenting the initiative, according to statistics generated year after year has detected in recent years that most property obtained as a result of the commission of crimes of theft regularly ends up in pawn shops or private buyers, who illegally pay discounted amounts by them, reflecting the urgent need for acquiring "fast money", hence arises the question what for? Anyone would think it is to pay for the consumption of drugs or vice, but we should not dismiss the idea that these "profits" are also used to bet on ever more proliferating casinos or betting centers.

According to a study of those addicted to the games made by the British Medical Association (BMA), it was observed that addiction to the games by adolescents can lead to serious problems of behavior such as missing classes, robberies and aggressive pathologies. Research has also shown games among young people are often accompanied by other addictive activities such as the consumption of drugs and alcohol, and are closely linked to acts of juvenile crime.

On the other hand this study shows the compulsive gambler is highly prone to have psychological problems, such as anxiety, depression, guilty feelings and thoughts of suicide. Likewise, they may affect their relationships with family and friends, sometimes reaching the degree of a separation or divorce for couples.

In Baja California Sur today, only 6 casinos operate, of which 3 are La Paz, 2 in Los Cabos and 1 in Comondú, and 2 more are to open, 1 more in La Paz and 1 more in Los Cabos.

"The reform that we propose today, not only has economic and social connotations, but also strengthens the legal structure of the State and functions to organize, coordinate and promote the economic life of the entity, ensuring a dignified existence to all inhabitants, taking into consideration factors of production that shall ensure equality of opportunity and fairness for all inhabitants. What this indicates is portrayed by a legal operation in contrast to the senses. The State must eradicate all actions or behaviors aimed at disrupting the skills and abilities of development of their constituencies," said Sandra Elizarrarás finishing the interview.


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