TIJUANA BC (En Linea Tijuana, EDUARDO JARAMILLO, 5/10/11) - Thousands of families swarmed early hour restaurants and shops in the region to celebrate their parent on the mother's day today. The restaurants in the Zona Centro, Zona Rio and La Mesa were full from the early hours with massive breakfasts contracted by businesses with large tables occupied by entire families who came to celebrate the "housewives and ladies of the house". Gifts and flower vendors reported good sales because every year families usually get these types of surprises for the "little boss". In Plaza Santa Cecilia, on calle Segunda de la Zona Centro mariachis, Threesomes and Northern bands sang the traditional "Mañanitas" repeatedly for all the mothers present. Not missed were the songs of the rockolas shops. They heard songs from the "Idol of the people", Pedro Infante, singing songs to our "beloved mother".

TIJUANA BC (En Lineas Tijuana, 5/10/11) In Baja California the female population reached 1,563,460, of which 57.1% are mothers, since 877,651 have had at least one child announced the director-general of the Planning Committee for the development of the State (COPLADE), Armando Rogelio Lara Valle. "The birth of the son or daughter is an event that marks the beginning of maternity leave. In the State, there have been gradual changes in the age, which women begin to become mothers. Data from the survey of population dynamics (ENADID), indicate the average age at the birth of the first child for women is almost 21 years", stated the State officer. He said with regard to the status of mothers, the data show that in 2010 there were 877,651 mothers of working age, of which 385,119 are actively working which is equivalent to 43.9%. Also 492,532 did not work, equivalent to 57.1% who are either devoted to the chores of the home, they are students, retired, religious or have physical limitations. "The presence of mothers in the workplace in Baja California is notable. For these women unemployment is only 4.6%. The State Government has various programs to support women who are at home or working, such as scholarships and an exemption from payroll tax to employ females older than 45 years", said Lara Valle. He provided data regarding school level for females in the State: 58.4% of mothers have completed the full secondary or some higher secondary education or greater. The remaining 41.6% have not completed basic education and 5.2% do not have any kind of instruction; 12.5% have incomplete primary, a little less than 20% have completed primary and 4.7% completed no high school. The Director of COPLADE indicated that the number of children per woman has fallen considerably to the current average of 2.2 children. In 1990 it was in 3.1 and in 1970, it was 6.6 children. "In Baja California, population policy has among its priority challenges to make sure mothers have the effective right to crystallize their reproductive preferences, and at the same time create favorable conditions to support their overall personal, family and social development", he concluded.


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