TIJUANA BC (El Lineas Tijuana, 5/23/11) - The three branches of Government show an attitude of contempt and neglect on issues related to abuse against migrants and returnees, said Victor Clark Alfaro, President of the Binational Center of Human Rights (CBDH). An interview with the leader of the Binational Center of Human Rights, noted that the kidnappings and abuse of migrants are a historical phenomenon in the northern region of the country. While we do not have (at least in Baja California) bands of organized crime, extortion and kidnapping of migrants, the amount of abuse is worrying, he said. It is however more worrying that authorities rather than nourish the Beta Group, to protect undocumented applicants, on the other hand it reduces the budget of these elements, even disarms them, he said. In 1991 when the Beta Group was established, they were engaged in the protection of migrants. From its inception to 20 years later, the group has decreased and in some cases colluded with criminal gangs. "We must recognize now that the Ministry of the Interior reacted after the incessant abuses registered in the South and the Northeast areas of the country," he acknowledged. In other regions and towns of Tamaulipas, criminal groups such as the so-called Zetas and Gulf Cartel, have control of the alien smuggling in Baja California. Fortunately, there are no such cases. He said that in the particular case of Baja California, the bulk of abuses are committed near Tecate, a town where there are a couple elements of the Beta Group. They take advantage of "small chickens" to ensure their acts are in total impunity. In particular in the city of Tijuana, five of every 10 returnees or would-be undocumenteds are detained by the municipal police, although they can demonstrate they are migrants. This is a situation of irregularity, which has been denounced on countless occasions without relevant authorities doing something to resolve the situation, he charged.

TIJUANA BC (El Lineas Tijuana, Atahualpa Garibay, 5/23/11) - Two people were executed, one of them in the parking lot of a well-known bar in Zona Rio, reported the State Attorney-General of Justice of the (PGJE). The Central Radio report stated a person was dead at the Hospital General, the result a crime that took place on calle Villaurrutia at avenida Vía Rápida and Centenario at Zona Río. The call was received at 5:30 pm on Sunday.He added staff of the Ministerio Público y Servicios Periciales went to the scene at the parking lot of the Dubai Bar where they located twelve shell casings and bloodstains. At Hospital General, there was now a deceased person due to acts of violence at this place, who was identified as Artemio González Jr., 27. The violence was seen in several firearm holes in his thigh, chest, neck and stomach. PGJE said it occurred at midnight on Monday at bulevar 2000 on the way to Puente Valle Bonito in colonia Paraíso Azteca. Arriving at there, they found a male in a vacant lot. He had third degree burns and was tied with electrical wire from his neck to ankles. Grey tape grey was around his head. The description of the deceased is of thin build, clear brunette complexion, of 1.60 meters height with brown hair. He had beige trousers and a checkered shirt (white with black), black tennis shoes and white socks. The agent of the public prosecutor's Office ordered the transfer of the bodies to the forensic medical service for completion of the legal necropsies.


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